1965 Jaguar E-Type

A Professionally Prepared Competitive Racing E-Type Bargain

Sold March, 2023


Chassis number 1E 10523.

The Jaguar’s racing history is currently unknown. There are no log books with the car.

The recent known history is that this E-Type race car was purchased out of Florida in 2016.. It was then displayed for several years in a private collection. 

Approximately two years ago the Jaguar was transported to a well known Jaguar racing prep shop to be freshened for vintage racing. See the Description section below for more details. 


The car was purchased in 2016 with what was represented to be a fresh Bill Terry (Terry’s Jaguar Parts) 4.2 liter dry sump engine with new Weber 45 DCOE carburetors and ceramic coated headers. The car has not been raced since.

The E-Type was equipped with a lightweight fiberglass bonnet fully wired for functioning headlights, and an aero-style plexiglass windscreen. It had a structural roll cage for safety and performance. The car came with a five speed gearbox as well as an aluminum radiator with electric fan, and an oil cooler. The oil and fuel lines are braided steel. 

The E-Type also came equipped with Tilton brake master cylinders, and 15X17 Minilite wheels shod with slicks. Braking was by 4 piston calipers in the front with vented rotors, and the traditional Jaguar-style inboard brakes in the rear. At the time the car was purchased, it also ran a Fuel Safe fuel cell.

 Within the past two years the Jaguar has received a number of upgrades for contemporary competitive vintage racing. It received a new dry sump lubrication system. A new ATL fuel cell was also installed. The drive train, suspension, brakes, and electricals, etc. have now all been  gone through. 

The car currently needs the fuel flushed, and the Webers cleaned and re-gasketed. The bonnet could also use some adjusting for improved wheel clearance.

Unlike a lot of race cars, however, this E-Type is not a car that has been sitting around and now has a bunch of needs. It can be made track ready in short order. Trackside and long term support are also available.

We have been thinking about it. Where else can you get a great looking E-Type OTS racing car, professionally prepared by one of the top Jaguar racing teams, for this price? 

For some quick comparisons please see the 2022 BAT 1963 Jaguar OTS Lightweight-Style Conversion Race Car auction where the bidding failed to make reserve at $135,000. This was a steel street E-Type converted with some aluminum panels and looks very nice for sure. But if you want to race a classic E-Type roadster, compare its specs to the genuine racing specs of the red E-Type offered here. It’s not even really close. Nor is the price, $135,000 vs. $89,000, and the $135,000 was not enough to buy the silver car anyway.

We can go the other way too. How about comparing the red E-Type to a less expensive E-Type, a project racing E-Type which is available at Gullwing Motorcars in 2023. Just think about what it would cost to pay a shop, and how much time it would take, to get this project E-Type to the condition of the red E-Type offered here. Again, we think it is not even close, and you can get the red E-Type now and actually go race it now. 

So if you have ever dreamed of racing a classic Jaguar, this is a wonderful opportunity. We have been fortunate enough to have raced them ourselves. They are as spectacular from behind the wheel as they are in the paddock and in your garage. 

Let us know. We would be happy to share some additional on-track E-Type racing and paddock video with you.  

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