1966 Shelby GT350

Will be Racing at 2019 Monterey Reunion


1966 Shelby GT350

According to the Shelby American World Registry, the Shelby was originally shipped to National City, CA, on 6/21/1966. It was then purchased by original owner, Phillip Lynch, of Escondido, CA. on August 2, 1966. Thereafter the GT350 was purchased by Timothy Pitock of Fallbrook, CA. The car was next purchased by  Dr. Richard Steele of Apple Valley, CA.  Thereafter, the Shelby was sold to Jim Reed, of Newport Beach, CA.  The Shelby was then sold to its current owner, also from California, in 2009.

The Shelby was used as a street car until the early 1990’s. At that time it was race prepared by well known Cobra racer/engineer, Dave Dralle, for competition road racing.  The Shelby has been campaigned in vintage races ever since, including with SVRA, HMSA, and CSRG. The GT350  has also been entered in, and accepted for, the 2019 Monterey Reunion.

The Shelby is powered by a 289 cubic inch, wet sump, race engine with a Holly 650 carburetor putting out 425 horsepower. It has front disc brakes and drum rear brakes.  The car is currently fitted with a competition driver’s seat, but the original seat comes with the car. The original engine will also be sold with the car.

It is believed every body panel on the Shelby is original, except for the GT350-R front air dam and plexiglas rear window – also GT350-R spec.

The Shelby will be racing at this year’s Monterey Reunion. Those attending are invited to check out the car up close in the paddock, as well as watch it perform on the track.  Please call Art Hebert at 707-328-2452 (cell) to coordinate a time where we can open the car up so you can have a good look at it inside and out. You can also find Art in the paddock with his black 1970 Titan Formula Ford, #86, also racing at the event.

This is a beautiful example of a properly prepared Shelby GT350 competition road racing car that can still be returned to its original street specification. It is kind of like having your cake and eating it too.

Serial Number: SFM6S1532