1967 Brabham BT21C

1971-72 SCCA Formula B Regional Champion - Excellent.


Update: Major price drop to $69,000.00/Offer for a top-of-the-line, no excuses, excellent Brabham Formula B.  Make an offer.  It will be considered. 

1967 Brabham BT21C (Formula B), Chassis Number-BT21C-16, Arch Motors #276.

OldRacingCars.com reports the early history for BVT21C-16 as follows:

‘Brabham BT21C/16

Gari Andreini (Santa Rosa, CA) bought a new Brabham BT21C for 1968 but his early racing was in minor SCCA events and is not well recorded. The earliest evidence of Andreini having the car is from the entry list for the SCCA Regional at Santa Barbara on 1 September 1968. He raced the car until 1972 when he moved to Alaska and sold the car to old school friend Art Siri (Santa Rosa, CA). History largely unknown until sold by Don Roose (Seattle, WA) to Nick Smith (Rancho Santa Fe, CA) in March 2006. Still with Smith in April 2009.

Driven by: Gari Andreini and Arthur B. “Art” Siri. First race: Laguna Seca, 10 Apr 1970. Total of 5 recorded’. Brabham BT21C/16

Most recently the Brabham has been raced predominately on the west coast (Washington, Oregon, and California). In the early 2000s the car was raced in New Zealand for a season. The car has raced with CSRG, HMSA, VARA, and SVRA at Laguna Seca, Sonoma Raceway (Sears Point), Thunderhill, and Road America. The Brabham is currently located in the Sacramento, CA area but can be transported to Sonoma Raceway for inspection.

The 1967 Brabham is powered by a Vegher prepared Lotus Twin Cam that produces 185-190 h.p.  The engine, and entire car, have been professionally maintained by Veloce Motors and Shippert Racing Services (Dave Vegher and Ethan Shippert) for the past 8 years. It is now one of the nicest, cleanest, and fastest Formula B cars in the area. Many “on-pole” and podium race finishes.

The Brabham is currently in excellent condition throughout. Some of the more significant upgrades are listed below.

  • Quaife differential
  • Hewland Mark 9 box with stronger Mark 5 gears
  • Fabricated a new Brabham-correct period-correct roll bar
  • Fabricated new polished stainless steel headers and exhaust (which replaced a heavy over-the-axle style mild steel header and exhaust)
  • Refinished fiberglass body with refined the body fitment so all the pieces fit together neatly and easily.
  • Upgraded the front brakes to Girling AR calipers and rotors. AR calipers were used on early Formula Atlantic cars, so the car now stops on a dime.

If you are running a Formula Ford, a Formula B is the classic next step up, with more power, more grip, wide tires, more speed, and wonderfully-predictable handing. A Brabham BT21C is one of the iconic, classic, 1960’s formula car designs, and a highly successful model worldwide. They won in period, and win today. They are also well known and understood by prep shops, and parts are readily available. The Brabham also can accommodate larger drivers, a real plus in this market segment.

Asking $69,000. The price is flexible if you are a serious buyer with cash in hand.  The price also includes a spare set of four Brabham front and rear wheels (10″ x 13″ and 12″ x 13″) and tires, and a spare set of two Brabham wheels (9″ x 13″).

More info is available upon request including a detailed log of service and maintenance.

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