1967 Camaro Pre-Production Z28 Trans-Am Car

Documented Genuine SCCA Trans-Am History.


1967 Camaro Pre-Production Z28 Trans-Am Car

Chassis No. 124377N163228

This is the 17th of the original 25 Pre-Production Z/28 Camaros built. These pre-production Z/28’s were purpose built by Chevrolet to compete in the SCCA Trans-Am Series. The Z/28 model won the Trans-Am Championship in 1968 and 1969, including 1st in class at the 1968, 12 Hours of Sebring, at the hands of Mark Donohue and Roger Penske. 

The Z/28 offered here is the factory supported, ex-Gary Morgan/Heinrich Chevrolet, race car. It too had a successful racing career, competing in the Trans-Am series and also winning the Area 11 SCCA A-Sedan Championship in 1968. The Z/28 also went on to finish 4th overall in the Fingerlakes Region SCCA Northeast Division. The car’s successes would lead to it being featured in Gulf Oil television commercials that ran during the 1968 political conventions, and the astronauts landing on the moon in 1969.


For a wonderful, highly informative, first person account of the car’s early history, please see the 2011, Gary Morgan Interview by Jon Mello of the Camaro Research Group. The interview takes us all the way back to the fall of 1966, when Morgan, his dad, and Jon Heinrich went to Chevrolet in Detroit to see about getting one of the brand new Z/28’s to race in SCCA. The interview chronicles in surprising detail the exploits of the team over the next several years.

The interview contains numerous period photos from the Gary Morgan collection and others. Also included are more current detailed photos of the car.  Additional photos can be seen throughout the links highlighted below. We expect to receive more photos as well.

Below is a summary of the car’s history post Gary Morgan. This includes the Z/28’s later racing history, rediscovery, restoration, and authentication by Gary himself. This information was obtained from published reports by the Camaro Research Group mentioned above, as well as other sources including prior sales information and racing records. Documentation substantiating the car’s history and authenticity will come with the car.

After the 1969 season Gary decided to retire from racing and gave the car back to Heinrich Chevrolet. Heinrich tried to entice Gary back into the driver’s seat with offers of new cars to race, but Gary had had enough. Heinrich Chevy sold the Camaro to Kent Fellows, and split the sale proceeds with Gary. 

Fellows went on to race in Trans Am with famed fellow Camaro racer, Warren Agor in 1972. However, Fellows may have also had a 1969 Camaro at that point, so it is unclear at this time if Fellows raced the Morgan Z/28 in 1972, or a different 1st generation Z/28. 

As a postscript to the 2011 Gary Morgan interview, Jon Mello went on to write;

“This Gary Morgan ’67 Z-28 was indeed raced by Kent Fellows in the early ’70s but I believe he had a ’69 Camaro as well.  Don Wattie restored the car and never raced it. It was sold to a few people who also did not race it but a few years ago it was sold to an owner in Europe who raced it over there.  I have heard that the car is now up for sale and the owner would like for it to return to the US.”

A 2018 follow up message by fellow Camaro Research Group member, Steve Holmes states; 

“My wife and I are currently travelling around Europe. I visited the Autworld Museum in Brussels yesterday, and this (Morgan’s Z/28) was among the cars on display.”

A parallel but more detailed version of this car’s post-Morgan history and specification was included in a prior sale of the car by RK Motors. That history is summarized below. The actual article, and more photos, can be found at RK Motors – 1967 Z/28 For Sale

When the Morgan Camaro was discovered, it still had nearly all of its original Bolero Red paint, except for one repaired quarter panel. The new owner recognized the car’s “4P” branded cowl tag as something special and began to trace the car’s history. It was Gary Morgan’s old SCCA Trans-Am/A-Sedan race car.  

A full frame-off restoration was undertaken (started in the early 1990’s). The Camaro was restored back to its 1968 livery, including its 1968-spec D80 front spoiler.  


Motorsports Market Note:  The Camaro has been offered for sale in the past with its “original 302 engine”. We looked into this. Gary Morgan, in his interview with the Camaro Research Group, related how they discovered a cracked cylinder in the original block back in 1968. They got a replacement block from Chevrolet. Then they took the parts off the freshly rebuilt original cracked block and reassembled them on, and into, the replacement block. That is the engine that raced in the Z/28 in 1968.

The 1968 block, heads, and other engine parts, as seen on a pallet in the photos came with the car when last purchased and will come with the car now. There is another block that came with the car when last purchased, but as of now we are unsure as to its history or condition. It will also come with the car now.

The engine currently in the car is a full race prepared engine that uses some of the parts from the 1968 race engine.

So, back in 1968, the newly rebuilt engine included an exceptionally rare cowl plenum induction system that forced air to two correct Holley list 4295 4-barrel carburetors through an early 1968-spec Winter cross ram intake. The engine had its correct double hump heads and an authentic set of Stahl headers. The period correct engine bay was then highlighted by Gary Morgan’s signature when he came to see the car and authenticate it.

The original, 1967,  RPO Z-28 specification included Chevrolet’s optional F41 suspension, J52 front disc brakes, heavy duty J65 metallic rear drum linings, and a close ratio Muncie M22 4-speed with an 11 inch clutch. The cars also came with 15” Corvette wheels with wider 7.75 tires.  

Motorsports Market Note: In  1968, two new “Service Options” were available. These you could purchase at the dealer’s parts counter and install yourself. These included a four wheel disc brake package, and the dual four barrel intake. The Morgan car has both of these.

The Z/28 had its correct 12 bolt Posi-traction rear end with original leaf rear springs. The disc brakes were power assisted. The car came equipped with a heavy duty front sway bar, upfitted traction bars, and an upfitted panhard bar.

The interior had a full roll cage. Also included was an oil accumulator for the wet sump oil system and a Hurst T-handle shifter. The radio and heater delete dash panel had a second Gary Morgan autograph. 

An Auto Meter tachometer sat between a full set of Stewart Warner accessory gauges. The trunk held the Z/289’s stainless fuel cell, and high performance Holley electric fuel pump. 

The Morgan Z/28 was sold with substantial documentation that will come with the car today. They include a binder full of historic clippings, vintage photos and official judging sheets. Also included are letters of authentication from both Gary Morgan and Jerry MacNeish. Photos of Gary Morgan signing the car will be included. There is a copy of Gary Morgan’s official race record. Further  a list of previous owners will be included. Copies of Super Chevy and Chevy High Performance magazines featuring Gary’s Z/28 will also be included. There are an additional three DVDs of vintage race footage as well.

In addition to the foregoing, this car won the 1992 Illinois Camaro Club “Best of Show” award, and claimed the U.S. Camaro Club Gold Award of Excellence, scoring 979 out of 1000 points. 

The Z/28 has been prepared to a very high standard, and used very little since. The Z/28’s most recent race was the 2105 Peter Auto/Heritage Touring Cup Spa Classic. 

While the market for this Z/28 has gone up and down over the past two decades, not unlike the stock market, it has a strong blue chip quality that has been very much under the radar in its past sales. It is a genuine Trans-Am car. It raced in the series in 1967, June 11, Mid-Ohio Trans-Am. That qualifies this car to be accepted into the highly regarded Historic Trans-Am Series

Historic Trans-Am continues to grow and go from strength to strength. They put on a great show and attract a big fan base. As such they now get to race with the premier racing series in the U.S. In 2020 alone Historic Trans-Am was scheduled to run with NASCAR, the IndyCar Series, the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, and the modern Trans-Am Series. They are still scheduled as a feature event at this year’s Monterey Reunion.

This ex-Gary Morgan Z/28 has been under the radar for another reason. Notice the  Trans-Am Cars listed on the Historic Trans-Am website. You will not find the Gary Morgan car there – yet. It is conspicuously absent. This Z/28 has been quietly sleeping in the background, even going to Belgium. However, Belgium is not where this car was built to go in 1967. It was literally designed and built to be raced in the SCCA Trans-Am Series, which it did. The car is currently an underappreciated, undervalued, asset ready to be plucked. It will also be the “New Kid in Town” on the Historic Trans-Am scene, bringing a fresh face, and fresh interest to the Series, its fans, and its new owner. Putting the car back in its element will allow the car to shine, and its value to further appreciate.


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These are challenging times. However, great opportunities often arise in times like these. This car is one of them. This is a highly rare, Pre-Production, Z/28 Camaro, factory built for Trans-Am, with winning race history, and Trans-Am history. It is also among the least expensive entries into the exclusive Historic Trans-Am series. There are only 80 genuine Historic Trans-Am Cars listed on the Historic Trans-Am website. We do not know, specifically, how many total cars raced in Trans-Am, but owning one of 80, or thereabouts, puts this car in very rare company as a vehicle investment. When you add in its additional Pre-Production, first of the vaunted Z/28 Camaros ever built and raced, it gets quite a bit more rare. It’s sister Penske car also won the Trans-Am Championship.

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We will work with you to get the Camaro. It’s return is long overdue, and we would like to be part of bringing it back.

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