1969 Brabham BT29

Chassis AM 69/52



The BT29 is powered by a 1600 cc Lotus twin cam, L block, with twin Weber DCOE 45 carburetors. It has a billet crank, Carrillo rods, forged pistons, and a Lucas ignition system.

The gearbox is a Hewland FT200 5 speed with a twin plate QM clutch, and Quaife differential. The car has two sets of wheels, 8’s and 10’s with rain tires, and 10’s and 12’s with Avons. The BT29 has double adjustable Penske shocks on it.

The original frame has been replaced to maintain the structural integrity and rigidity originally designed into the BT29 by Ron Tauranac. However, the original frame will also come with the car. That way the new owner has the best of both worlds.

BT29 Brabhams are among the very best Formula B cars to have. They won in period, and win today in Historic Formula B. They are also well known and understood by prep shops, and parts are readily available.

If you are running a Formula Ford, Formula B is the classic next step, with more power, more grip, yet wonderful, predictable, handing. Join the FB resurgence now, and at the front of the grid.


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