1969 Lotus 69 Formula Ford



The original owner in 1971 was John (“Joey”) Caviglieri. The other owners are as follows:


The Lotus has been highly successful in U.S. historic racing, with wins at a variety of Northeast tracks. The car has done 57 second laps at lime Rock, 1.08 laps at Watkins Glen, and 1:32’s at Road America.


The car is chassis number 23, with its original Arch motors stamp, AM-27. The Lotus was subject to a ground up restoration in 2008. At that time the frame was stripped and inspected. It appears the frame is 100% original except for one tube that was replaced at some point in the car’s history.

Since 2008 the Lotus can been continually maintained by GMT racing at the highest level regardless of cost. The goal was always winning. The gearbox in the car is the original one installed by the Lotus factory. The engine was built by John Leslie and has one race on it since top end refresh.

The Lotus comes with many spares, including but not limited to 2 sets of wheels, bodywork, 2 noses, rear and front uprights, a complete set of suspension, radiator and frame, gear ratios, etc.

Chassis Number: 7169/23 FFxF3