1970 Titan Mk.6 Formula Ford

ex-Pierre Phillips



Ex-Titan Importer Pierre Phillips’ period race-winning Titan Mk.6. Pierre successfully raced the car in the U.S., New Zealand, and in Canada, including pro races, and a win at Westwood, BC.

Thereafter the car went to Richard Rude (Kathy Rude’s father https://www.driverdb.com/drivers/kathy-rudeĀ ), one of the founders of Alaska Airlines. The car was raced under the team name “Team Spudnut.”

On August 24, 1970, the Titan was purchased by James L. Kalte. Phillips purchased the car back on July 20, 1973, to run as a school car.

The Titan was later refurbished by Archie Hodge and Eric Purcell at Norton Gaston. The car currently remains in the Pacific Northwest.


Prepared and tested by one of the top Historic Formula Ford racers in the U.S.

More information to come.