1971 Chevron B-19



Brian Redman purchased this B-19 in England in the mid 1980’s. The car was then brought to the U.S, where Redman had a fresh Cosworth DFV installed. He then he set the chassis up and ran the car in the Southeast U.S.

Redman, and this particular B-19, were featured in the book, Vintage and Historic Racing Cars, by Alex Gabbord, 1986. A chapter in the book reflects upon Redman’s successful racing history with B- 19’s and includes photos of this particular B-19 during a test session with Redman.

Paul Reisman later purchased the B-19 from Redman, and Reisman continued to campaign the car in vintage races. While under Reisman’s ownership the paint scheme was changed from red with yellow and green stripes, to the white/maroon/gold paint scheme, a la Silk Cut Jaguar team colors.

In the late 1980’s the B-19 was purchased by its current owner. At that time the car underwent a Complete restoration, maintaining the same tub. Since restoration, the B-19 has raced only eight times.


The car is painted in 1971 works DART Racing blue. It is currently fitted with a 1975 c.c., drysump, Cosworth BDP twin cam engine producing 260 h.p. with 50 DCOE Weber carburetion. The 1800 c.c. Cosworth FVC with slide valve induction that was purchased with the car is also available. Power is transmitted through a Hewland FT-200 gearbox. The car has its proper Chevron front wheels which measure 8X13, and the proper Chevron rear wheels, measuring 11X13.

In June, the suspension was crack tested and plated. All the uprights were rebuilt with new bearings. The engine received a timing belt and plugs. The brake calipers and master cylinders were rebuilt, along with the steering rack.

This is a fast and highly competitive vintage racer that is ready.

Chassis Number: Undetermined, rear frame tag stamped #DBE/19