1971 Ferrari 365 GTC/4



Approximately 500, 365 GTC/4 Ferraris were constructed during the years 1971-72. This Pininfarina design is perhaps the most sleek and elegant of all 2+2 sports car ever produced. The low, aerodynamic hood line was enabled by a redesign of the Daytona’s four cam heads, intake and exhaust manifolds to accept side draught, instead of down draught, Weber carburetors.

The chassis of the GTC/4 is very similar to the Daytona, but a 100 m.m. longer to accommodate the 2+2 seating. This also increased driver headroom. The other chassis difference between the GTC/4 and Daytona was the mating of the gearbox directly to the engine in the GTC/4, instead of at the rear of the car, as was done with the Daytona.

The GTC/4 was immediately well received, and sold in record numbers for Ferrari. Its classic Pininfarina styling, combined with Ferrari’s legendary V-12 engine and fine road holding make this luxury GT one of the best Ferrari values in today’s market.


Red with black leather interior. 4.4 litre, four cam, 330 horsepower V-12 engine with six twin choke, side draught Weber carburetors. Five speed all synchro manual gearbox. Four wheel independent suspension. Rare, factory optional Borrani knock off wire wheels. The car is also equipped with power steering, power ventilated disc brakes, and air conditioning.

The Ferrari is in excellent condition