1971 Jaguar E-Type

California rust fee, matching numbers, one registered owner car



but bent valve while starting. Head rebuilt but broken studs still need repair.

The Jaguar was purchased by my cousin from the original owner back in the late 1980’s. I remember the day he got it. He drove it for a few months, and then parked it in his warehouse in Pleasanton. He was working on a high-tech start up business that consumed most of his time so his toys sat in the warehouse. The car remained in his warehouse some 25 years until my cousin became very ill with cancer.

Knowing he did not have much time, he decided to get his affairs in order. I offered to help him get the Jaguar running so he could sell it and use the money for other things. We did get it running. I drove it around the large parking lot at my office on several different occasions. However, at one point, while turning the engine over to start it, a valve stuck open and hit a piston. This broke the valve, and damaged the top of the piston. The block was fine. I wound up buying the car so my cousin did not have to deal with it anymore. He has since passed away.

I got the head rebuilt. I obtained another correct original piston for the engine and installed it. It was during this process that I discovered some studs in the engine were broken and needed to be replaced. I also figured the bottom end of the engine should be rebuilt since I had already done the head. I then got busy with other things and the project stalled. That’s where it is now. At this point I don’t see myself finishing this project anytime soon. So if you want it, you can have it. Here is the rest of what I know about the car.

The Jaguar has only one registered owner. My cousin never registered the Jaguar in his name. The car comes with the original pink slip signed off by the original owner. The car comes with a significant file of the original repair receipts from the original owner. The original purchase contract is also included, showing the purchase took place in Southern California in March, 1971. All the records indicate the car remained in California its entire life.

The odometer shows approximately 2,000 miles. This is an original air conditioning car. I believe the entire system is complete. I did not try it when I last drove the car.

I drove the car probably 2-3 years ago. All the main systems were working (engine, transmission, brakes, lights, gauges, etc.)

The only missing things that I am aware of are the chrome pieces on the windshield, a small inner door panel by the handle, the plastic cover for the directional switch, one of the two cooling fans, and the rear chrome for the rear window. Having said that, my cousin purchased a complete spare rear door with the chrome piece that can be installed on the car.

The car does have some minor body damage to the lower bonnet that happened when we were rolling the car off the trailer. This is shown in the photos. The only rust is very minor surface rust. I would say most people would consider this to be a “rust-free” car. It has spent it whole life in California, and most of it inside a dry warehouse. The floors, rocker panels, fenders, etc. are all in very good, rust free, condition.