1971 Lola T212 2 Liter Sports Racer

Multiple Vintage Race Winner and Track Record Holder

$130,000 - INCLUDING a spare used Cosworth FVC


The early history for this Lola during the 1970’s is currently unknown. To date its history has been traced as far back as an owner in Georgia in the 1980’s. Thereafter the car was sold to a U.S. West Coast owner. The car next went to an owner in Texas who did nothing with what was then a worn out project T212. He then sold it to the next owner, also from Texas. The new owner then stored the car for the next nearly 15 years. 

In 2014 the new owner began a four year restoration of the Lola. No chassis tag or AM number were discovered during the restoration. However, all the original parts that were removed and replaced during the restoration will be included in the sale, including the original skins from the tub. Photos of the car before, during, and after the restoration will be posted here when we receive them.

When the restoration was completed in 2018, the Lola commenced its vintage racing career. It won straight away, starting with Road Atlanta. That was followed up with wins at the Circuit of the Americas and Eagles Canyon where the car also set the track record. 

The car is now offered in excellent condition, and has been professionally prepared for its next race. 


During the restoration a new, $47,000, Jennings carbureted BDA 2 liter engine was installed. The Hewland FT200 gearbox was rebuilt using the original case that came in the car.

The Lola was re-tubbed using the original bulkheads, engine sub-frame, and the rest of the original tub as the pattern. The original roll bar was also used. In addition, the Lola received new suspension and brakes. As stated above, the remaining  original tub pieces will come with the car. Also included will be the original suspension pieces that were removed and the original brakes. 

The Lola 2 liter sports racers raced in period with  FVA, FVC, BDG, and BDA engines. A used Cosworth FVA is also included with this Lola.

This is a great opportunity to get one of the iconic early 1970’s Lola 2 liter sports racers for an excellent price that even includes a spare FVC engine. Race it with Masters Sports Car Legends, or at Monterey, or with the HSCC in the 2 litre Thundersports Sports Car Championship. These cars are welcome virtually everywhere, and are a crowd favorite everytime they roll onto the circuit.

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