1972 Lola T204 Historic Formula Ford

Crossflow Cup winner & 2nd in Championship

Sold. May, 2020


This is the ex-Peter Egan (Road & Track Magazine)/Andrew Wait (Formula Ford Crossflow Cup founder) Lola T204 Formula Ford. It is one of the most tested, developed, and highly prepared Historic Formula Fords in the U.S. The Lola is also a consistent podium finisher, multiple time race winner, and finished 2nd overall in last years Crossflow Cup Championship. It comes with $7,500.00 in spares, and $30,000.00 in receipts. 

The Lola has been professionally maintained by one of the premier Formula Ford prep shops in the U.S., John Anderson Racing at Sonoma Raceway.

Below are just some of Lola’s features:

  • Jay Ivey engine. New Ford block with aluminum head. 20 hours on a 50 hour bottom end, and 4 hours on the head. Head should be good for another couple of seasons before needing a refresh.
  • Anderson Racing prepared Hewland Mk.9 four speed, with fresh Metalastic donuts
  • Koni double adjustable shocks dyno tuned by PRS
  • Eibach springs, multiple sets
  • Willans belts good to 2024
  • Ray Davis aluminum radiator (original comes with the car)
  • External plumbing so no internal frame rusting issues
  • Stacks tach
  • Coolant run outside the frame so no internal rust issues
  • Gorgeous Lola styling with the patina of an active racing car.
  • $7,500.00 in spares
  • $30,000.00 in receipts


The $7,500.00 in spares includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • A set of Revolutions wheels
  • A set of mounted steel wheels
  • A brand new upper body/nose that has already been fitted to the car.
  • A spare upper body/nose that is serviceable but needs work.
  • Hubs,
  • Brake rotors
  • windshield
  • Springs
  • Stock seat
  • Other small miscellaneous bits

The Lola will also come with set up sheets, and race prep notes for different tracks. The new owner will also have access to many in-car videos of the Lola in action at different tracks to see what makes Lola so quick. ¬†These will help get the new owner to the front even quicker. In addition, unlike many Formula Fords, this Lola will fit taller drivers, at least up to 6’1″.

By the way, the Lola is one of only two Historic Formula Fords to ever break into the mid-one minute forty-five-second range at Sonoma Raceway.

To see the Lola in action, check out some of the videos below.

Working for the Win (Lola appears at about the 12 minute mark)

How to set a track record at Sonoma

How to out qualify 50 cars at the Monterey Reunion

We know this car, the development work it has received, and just how well prepared it is. We highly recommend this car to anyone, whether you are just getting started, or are experienced and are tired of following everyone else around the track. This is a really good car and a really good buy at this price.

We recently sold another, less successful, FF with less spares, for this same price. Both are really good cars, and excellent values at this price point, but this Lola is even better, plus it has interesting, successful, racing history to boot.

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