1973 Lola T292 2 Liter Sports Racer – Le Mans History



Below is the history for the Lola, as researched by the Lola’s current owner.

Lola T-292
Chassis # HU58
Gearbox # FGA/6

1973 HU58 was originally sold to Jean-Louis Lafosse, team Ecuri Filipinetti. It was powered by a Chevy Vega engine, with Gallic cigarettes livery:
• 8-4-73 Paul Ricard P10 Chevy Vega engine
• 17-6-73 Clerrmont P7 Chevy Vega
• 15-8-73 Enna P7 Ford BDG
• 2-9-73 Nurburgring DNS Ford

1974-1975 : HU58 was sold in 1974 to Fred Stalder of ROC fame. It joined several other Lolas in the ROC team (T290/292/294), and this one apparently ran only few times.

1976 : At the end of 1975, the car was sold to André Chevalley and/or Georges Morand of Switzerland. The pair + François Trisconi then won the under 2-Litre sportscars category at the 1976 Le Mans 24 Hour race.

1977 : The car passed into the hands of Michel Elkoubi who entered it in French national races during the 1977 season, still in original T292 form and still in the ex-Morand-Chevalley red and white livery.

1978 : HU58 was totally upgraded for the 1978 Le Mans race, where it ran with number 25 under the Elkoubi / Pronuptia colors, along with sister car number 24.

1979 – 1983 : Elkoubi, as Lolastique built a new tub and roll hoop for new owner Francios Calmels in 296 configuration, but with options for 290 or 296 nose. The car ran in qualifying at Le Mans, but did not make the cut for the 1979 race. It was the first alternate.

The Lola originally raced with ROC engine, but after Le Mans in 1979, the car ran with BDG power. The Lola still retains the Le Mans winning gearbox, #FGA 6, to this day.

1984 : Purchased by Jean Luc Le Gigan with the plan to install a Renault engine. The Renault engine was never installed. The front of the car still retained the mounts for both the T290, and T296 noses.

1985 : Sold to Bjorn Knutson of Norkoping Sweden. Knutson ran the car in Sweden club races. He installed new Cosworth BDG engine. The car sat in his shop during the 90’s.

In 2000 the Lola was purchased by its current owner. The car was restored and painted silver and black. Interestingly, the layers of paint on door show the following history:

  • The bottom layer of paint is Pronuptia white
  • Then Lambretta blue
  • Next color is black
  • There is a green stripe on the door (Camels colors)
  • Silver blue (as when Gigan and Knutson color)
  • Restored again in 2000, and painted silver and black
  • The Lola is currently in its blue and white Lambretta livery that it ran at Le Mans in 1979.

The Lola has since been campaigned in historic racing.


The Lola is powered by a new Hart 420R engine, with Lucas fuel injection, mated to the car’s original Hewland FGA 6, six speed gearbox. The brakes are Lockheed, four piston, alloy, calipers with ventilated discs. The front wheels are 13×8 inch, and the rears are 13×12 inch.

The Lola comes with FIA HTP papers.

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