1974 AVS Shadow DN3/5A



Model: 1974 Shadow DN-3/5A Formula One race car
Serial #: DN-3/5A
Logbook: none
Condition: Excellent

DN-3/5A is the second formula one car designed by Tony Southgate for the AVS Shadow team. One of five made, it has been completely restored to its original design condition with documented history.

Sponsored by petroleum research firm Universal Oil Products (UOP) in 1974, the black DN-3’s were very quick cars in the hands of Peter Revson, JP Jarier, Tom Pryce, Brian Redman and Bertil Roos during the 1974 F1 season. Elegantly designed by Southgate, these cars stood out among the more agrarian looking counterparts of the era.

DN-3/5A was originally built as the team’s second spare car, but was hurriedly pressed into service for the British GP after Tom Pryce damaged his primary racecar in the prior French GP. This car was configured with the larger front rotors, high camber-gain front suspension, long wheelbase and copper radiators.

To avoid the complexity of re-filling European customs paperwork, the team transferred the crashed car’s number plate (DN-3/3A) to this new chassis. Pryce used DN-3/5A (nee DN-3/3A) to score his first GP points in Germany the following race.

This car was used for the first two races of the ’75 season, and re-numbered DN-3/3AB, as Pryce’s’ primary race car until a second DN-5 was completed. At that point it was used as the team’s primary spare car for the next three races.

DN-3/5A was sold at the end of the 1975 season to Roger Springett as the spare to DN-3/2A, to run in the ’76 Aurora F1 series under the PR Reilly banner. It never raced. For 1977 it was sold to Phil Bennett alongside DN-3/2A as his spare car, while he ran in the Aurora series. Phil sold it to English collector and enthusiast John Carpenter, who raced it once in 1980, then sold it on to another collector Rod Tolhurst.

From there the car passed through three other collectors’ hands to end up in un-restored but very original condition with George Stauffer. George sold it to Alex Posinello of Toronto, Canada, where it transferred to its current owner.

At that point, the car underwent a complete tear-down and full restoration, led by former Shadow Crew Chief, Barry Evans. Barry and George use photos, recollections and period parts from Don Nichols to rebuild the car.

Assistance in getting the car to its pristine and correct condition goes to: Allan Rees (Shadow Team Manager), Tony Southgate (Shadow designer), Don Nichols (Shadow principle), Bernard Cahier (Shadow PR), Billy Woolridge (Shadow fabricator), Colin Richardson (Armstrong Shocks Race tech), Ray Hulbert (AP Lockheed brakes race tech), Tony Nicholson (Robin Auto principle) and John Steenson (Nicholson DFV rebuilder).

The car was restored to its exact 1974 British GP configuration (except use of the unique, rear “flex wing”), as it appeared in its first race.

• This car was the UOP Shadow team car for T. Pryce during the 1974 season. It is a unique car with a limited, 7 race GP history and hence is in excellent, original condition.
• DN-3/5A was built as the last race chassis for the ’74 season, in June 1974
• It debuted at the British GP, July 20, with Pryce driving. It qualitied 5th and finished 8th.
• Following by the German GP, Aug 4th, where it finished 6th and gave Tom his first GP points
• It finished the season by racing at the Austrian, Canadian and US GP, with two retirements and a 15th
• In 1975, it was updated and re-numbered DN3B/3A and raced in the Argentine and Brazilian GP, retiring and finishing 12th respectively. It became the team’s spare car for the next three races, and was finally retired by March, 1975.

Recent Competition History:
• In collector’s hands since the end of its GP career, DN-3/5A has not raced since a 1980 vintage race in the UK.
• It underwent an extensive shakedown at Infineon Raceway, July 2012 and is in track ready condition.


• Advanced Vehicle Systems, North Hampton, England
• Final assembly; June 1974

• Ford Cosworth DFV 3.0L V8, DOHC, 4V, dry sump, #242
• Rebuilt by John Steenson (ex-Nicholson), 0 miles, long stroke, new crankshaft, cylinder liners, new pistons, connecting rods, valves, springs, guides, retainers and seat. Re-finished F1-SA cams.
• 2,993 cc, 3.373” bore x 2.555” stroke, 11.0:1 compression, producing 455bhp@ 10,500 rpm and 245 ft-lbs@ 8,500 rpm.
• Headers fabricated from original Shadow parts (stainless steel, coated with WD-40 for original look)
• Inlet trumpets newly fabricated from original McLaren designs (circa ’74, with more velocity than original Shadow designs)

Fuel System:
• Lucas mechanical fuel injection, with period correct center throttles actuation.
• Marston fuel bladders, New Old Stock, 2-20 gallon bladders, with anti-surge slosh arms and center collector tank

Gearbox/Final Drive:
• Hewland TL200-5, helical gears, 5-sp, w/reverse; completely rebuilt by original Shadow transmission mechanic. Hewland ring & pinion, limited slip diff., AP 7.25” twin plate clutch
• Unique, long wheel base bell housing in magnesium (extremely rare)
• Final drive has additional oiling system based on Shadow mechanics re-collection of historical issues (!)
• While most other English F1 teams were using the Hewland FG/A400 gearbox, Shadow opted for the Hewland TL, derived from their long distance engineering efforts (Gulf Mirage), and hoped to find greater reliability given the increased DFV outputs at the time.
• Half shafts newly machined with new CV’s and bearings

Oil/Water Systems:
• Marston copper-core, side mounted water radiators.
• Aluminum-core nose mounted oil cooler.
• All flushed, cleaned and pressure checked.

Electrical System:
• Lucas OPUS Ignition, with original Lucas spark box (includes ’76 Copersucar yellow card). All electrical lines replaced with period correct wires and harnesses
• Lucas starter, freshly re-built

• New fiberglass nose & wings from original mold (D. Nichols provided), with original designed adjustable flaps and blue anodized end caps
• Newly molded fiberglass center section, off original
• Original long-skirted airbox, completely re-finished, with original inlet trumpet aluminum tray
• RHS original side pod, LHS molded new
• Rear wing rare “flexi-wing” used early in the season by P. Revson, then later by JP Jarier during Paul Ricard test
• Body work custom painted with clear coat
• Vinyl graphics based upon exact British GP livery

• Aluminum Monocoque in excellent, original shape. Track scraps at front underside indicate original use. No damage to tub, with excellent patina. Mechanics notes, scribed in black marker, found inside of Monocoque fuel cell area, indicating chassis #5A.
• Suspension pick-up points removed and zinc plated.
• Roll bar original titanium with no scratches or damage.
• Unique rivet patterns for monocoque, front suspension attachments and rear radiator attachments identify this as chassis /5A

• Front upper and lower HSS A-arm suspension newly made from original drawings (supplied by D. Nichols)
• Front uprights original magnesium units with titanium ball studs; high camber-gain geometry (low gain as spares). All components cracked checked.
• Front adjustable sta-bar

• Rear, single upper HSS lateral link, with parallel, dual lower links and single, upper radius rod (long wheel base)
• Rear uprights, newly cast in aluminum (ilo magnesium), per original design. All components cracked checked.
• Rear adjustable sta-bar

• Front/rear outboard Armstrong adjustable, coil over shocks (all original and fully re-built by Bruce Richey)
• Eibach, progressive rate springs (Shadow originally used two springs of different rates on each shock to create rising rate suspension)

• Dual AP master cylinder with balance bar, complete re-build
• AP Lockheed front calipers (CP2361), with Ύ” 4-pot aluminum calipers, complete re-build by R. Hulbert (original AP Lockheed track tech in ‘70’s), and outboard-mounted 10.5” vented/slotted rotors with aluminum hats
• AP Lockheed rear (CP2361), with 5/8” 4-pot aluminum inboard-mounted calipers complete re-build, with10” vented/slotted rotors

• Shadow cast aluminum housing, HSS rack & pinion with HSS steering links; all components cracked checked.
• 10” original Shadow wheel with integral kill-switch

• Re-production Shadow cast aluminum wheel (front- 6-holes, 11” x 13”, rear- no holes, 15” x 13”), all with tire locks
• Original magnesium wheels with original Goodyear rains available

• Smiths dual oil temp/pressure (30- 120 deg C), Smiths tachometer (0- 12,500) w/ tell-tale, and Smiths dual fuel pressure (0- 160 psi) / water temp (30- 120 deg C) gauges. In original black bezel &chrome; bezel finishes
• Toggles are original British Aerospace, mil-spec, original oil pressure light

• Graviner 5kg cockpit fire system with ignition system, fully plumbed (very original system, unrestored).
• Restored Graviner medical oxygen system with surgical hose
• Bostrom (UOP) fiberglass seat, covered with ’74 VW basket weave vinyl (exactly as original)
• Original adjustable titanium pedals
• New Willans harnesses (3.0 in” wide belts).

• DFV short block, #142
• DFX built cylinder heads, with add’l set of valves
• DFX liners
• DFV/DFX crank shafts (3)
• Set of Shadow magnesium wheels with mounted Goodyear rains
• New, old stock fuel bladder
• Side pod mold
• Nose cone
• Short-skirt air box
• Medical oxygen bottle (small)
• Oil tank
• Graviner fire bottle
• Various spare electrical spare parts
• Nose frame
• Spare front uprights and various suspension components