1974 Chevron B27, Ex-Jaussaud Pro Formula Atlantic/F2

2021 Long Beach Grand Prix Double Winner



1974 Chevron 27-74-02

Ex-Jean-Pierre Jaussaud, Fred Opert Chevron Team Car. Raced in the Players CASC Formula Atlantic Championship. Finished second at Trois Rivieres in 1974.

OldRacingCars.com reports the history of the Chevron B27 chassis at OldRacingCars.com Chevron B27 In relevant part it states the following about chassis B27-74-02:

“Chevron build record says sold via Fred Opert to Freeman Racing (Yellow Springs, OH). However, either never delivered or bought back by Opert in 1974 and used by Jean-Pierre Jaussaud at Trois Rivieres and Richard Melville at Watkins Glen. Advertised by Opert in April 1975 as “ex-Jaussaud”, “only two races”. Retained by the Opert team for 1975, and used twice by Tom Bagley at Halifax and Trois Rivieres, where his car is described as “ex Jaussaud”. Believed to be Michael Landrum’s B27 at Road Atlanta in April 1976 in the IMSA series. Then advertised by Pierre Phillips Autoweek 31 July 76 p28 ‘ex Bagley’. Subsequently to Frank Scott (Racine, WI) for sale AW 9 Oct 1976 p27 B27 ‘ex Jaussaud, 8 races from new’ and 31 Mar 1978 p39. Sold to Richard Ellingson and used in Mid West SCCA until 1980. Then to an autocrosser and subsequently to Paul Berg (Chippewa Falls, WI), who won the MCSCC F/Atlantic series in 1982 with the car. Owned by Bob Dupré (Glenview IL) 1985 and said to have been written off at Road America that year.

Driven by: Jean-Pierre Jaussaud, Richard Melville, Tom Bagley, Michael Landrum and Frank Scott. First race: Trois-Rivières, 1 Sep 1974. Total of 5 recorded races.”

At the bottom of that same page on OldRacingCars.com it states the following about a Chevron B27 that OldRacingCars.com calls “the Johnnie Crean car:”

“A car bought from the late J. David Kopf (Tujungam, CA) by Johnnie Crean (Kamuela, Hawaii) in 1998. According to a later advert, Kopf had owned it for over ten years, but had not raced it, and it was believed to be 74-02. Kopf died in 2004. The Chevron was rebuilt for Crean with a new monocoque by Michael Collins. This car sold to Philippe Reyns (Chandler, AZ) in October 2008. Raced by Reyns in vintage racing events in the Pacific Northwest with red bodywork and wearing #35. Raced at the SVRA U.S. Vintage Racing National Championships in Austin, Texas in November 2015, and at the Portland Vintage Racing Festival in July 2016, but damaged in an incident in 2016”

We located, and contacted, Bob Dupre. Bob was the owner/driver of B27-74-02 in 1985, when OldRacingCars.com reported the car as being “written off” at Road America. Bob said he did crash the car at Road America, as reported. However, he sold the damaged car to David Kopf, whom he then understands rebuilt the car. That information completes the missing gap of ownership of B27-74-02 from Dupre to Kopf, thus making a complete chain of ownership of the Opert/Jaussaud car to its current owner.

Subsequent to the research done by OldRacingCars.com and reported above, Chris Townsend was commissioned to prepare a full dosier on this history of chassis 27-74-02. That dossier details the car’s complete ownership and racing history, including early race-by-race reports. It also clarifies a number of earlier unknowns and assumptions, and provides further evidence and details. For example, the car was first raced by Bobby Brown at the Ontario round of the 1974 Player’s Championship. It was also raced under the Opert Team banner by Hector Rebaque at the U.S. Grand Prix support race at Watkins Glen in the Fall of 1975.

The dossier contains a complete listing of all of the period races for 27-74-02, including many race wins. The full dosier is available upon request.

In 2019 the car was sold and completely gone through as set forth below in the Description section.

Since then, the car’s presentation and performance have been nothing short of amazing. The car finished first in class in its first outing at the Weathertech International Challenge at Road America. There, running its 2 liter BDG engine, it clocked a lap of 2:09:00.

Thereafter, the 2 liter was removed and sold. It was replaced with a brand new, proper Formula Atlantic spec 1600 Cosworth. Details below.

With the new 1600 c.c. engine installed, the Chevron captured both race wins at the 2021 Acura IndyCar Grand Prix Historic Formula Atlantic races.  The car beat all the later flat bottom cars up through 1979, including some of the fastest in the U.S. It also set the fastest lap.

In the fall of 2021, the Chevron finished 2nd and 3rd in the Masters Formula Atlantic Plus races at Sonoma Raceway. It was the driver’s first time at Sonoma, and the car set the fastest lap of the weekend.  In his words, the Chevron is a “very compliant car, forgiving car, easy to drive and very FAST!” The results, and the car’s presentation, speak for themselves.

There is truly a rennaissance underway in Formula Atlantic worldwide right now. We have a Chevron Formula Atlantic as well, and with it get to join the B27 to race at such events as the Acura IndyCar Grand Prix Historic Formula Atlantic Race.

This is a great Monterey Reunion candidate. It can run in other premier series such as the Masters Formula Atlantic Plus Series. You can race the Chevron in the highly popular HSCC Historic Formula 2 Championship in the Formula Atlantic category. This B27 Chevron would be the car to beat in the Vern Schuppan Trophy Championship. Of course there are other Formula Atlantic races virtually all season long worldwide in which you can race the Chevron.

This B27 is a current proven winner on the big stage. It is a period factory-backed Formula Atlantic in its fresh iconic period Gitannes livery. It is on-the-button and ready to go for the price of cars with no significant history, no proven results, and with needs.

We can help you get there. We have already shipped a number of Formula Atlantic and Formula 2 cars worldwide, and can get you a quote for the Chevron. We can do the same for domestic shipping as well.  Send us an email or give us a call.  We’ll help you make it happen.

Don’t miss another season. There is no time like the present for Formula Atlantic.

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In 2019 the Chevron was sold to its current owner. The car was completely gone through. The tub is in very good condition as is the rest of the chassis. The bodywork was finished in the car’s original Fred Opert/Chevron Team, Jean Pierre Jaussaud, livery. A new, period correct, rear wing and frame were installed. Other new items include:

New oil cooler

New Koni 8212 Dampers

New Hypercoil springs

New Smiths instruments

New Springall Chevron steering wheel (Original supplier to Chevron)

New lifeline 360 electronic Fire extinguisher

 The Chevron will also come with two complete sets of Chevron wheels.

Other spares will include:

A pair of front uprights

Steering arms

Two spare nose sections


Penske dampers/springs

Center post 2 element rear wing and gearbox mount.

The Chevron is currently powered by a completely new, Reilly & Co. 1600 c.c. Cosworth with two race weekends on it. The engine is bolted to  the car’s period correct Hewland FT200 gearbox.

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