1976 Interscope Lola 332C, HU60

Ex-Danny Ongais. Original paint, engine, gearbox, tag, etc.


Chassis number HU60

This is one of the best and most original examples of a F5000 car in existence.  This car was raced in period by Danny Ongais and eventually transferred to his ownership after the end of the F5000 series.  Danny sold it to Vasek Polak.  The Lola was purchased from Vasek’s estate in 1997 after his passing and a complete mechanical restoration was performed with careful attention being paid to keeping the car as original as possible. 

The tub is original with no evidence of damage.  The body is original and still has its original paint from new.  The engine block and gearbox are original to the car, with the only major update being aluminum heads on the Stu Van Dyne built engine.  The shoulder harness mounting has also been updated to be HANS device compliant.  The car is race ready as it sits, needing only new tires and new seat belts, as the current Willans are out of date.  This car draws a crowd whenever it makes an appearance.

Raced on the west coast since restoration, it won the VARA championship in 2000, and the HSR West BOSS Super Cup Championship in 2003 and 2005.

The T-332C was produced by Lola after customers were having trouble making the T-400 work well.  Lola started to remake the T-332, and called it the T-332C.  This means that this car has all the latest and greatest developments and tricks that Lola had come up with.

Engine: Chevrolet Small Block V8 304ci built by Van Dyne Engineering

Induction: Magnesium Lucas/McKay mechanical fuel injection

Electrical System: Magneto

Gearbox: Hewland DG300 5 speed transaxle magnesium case

Wheels: Lola 3 piece magnesium 13” front wheels, Lola 1 piece magnesium hourglass 15” rear wheels

Shocks: Aluminum bodied Koni Shock Absorbers

Headers: Lola sand bent headers

Brakes: Outboard disk brakes front, inboard disk brakes rear

Transport Wheels: Narrow high profile wheels and tires to make the car easier to move and fit in a trailer.  The fronts are a modern lightweight spare tire out of a Mazda Miata.  The rears are an interesting period piece.  One is a magnesium Lotus Indycar wheel and the other is an aluminum Halibrand Indycar wheel.  Both wear original Goodyear Blue Streak Tires.

There is also an additional spares package available. It includes the following:

Wheels: 2 additional complete sets of Lola 3 piece magnesium 13” front wheels and Lola 1 piece magnesium hourglass 15” rear wheels

Dihedral Rear Wing: 1 unpainted dihedral rear wing including upper and lower elements, end plates, and upper and lower mounting brackets

Cockpit: 1 unpainted new fiberglass cockpit

Noses: 3 unpainted new fiberglass noses and an original nose off of Al Unser’s Lola T-332 in original paint

Other various fabricated T-332 parts like brake ducts and exhaust hangers

The price for the spares package is negotiable.

Serious buyers please contact us, and let’s talk. Call Art at 707-328-2452. The seller is very motivated.

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