1977 Royale RP24 FF

Near Race Ready. Zero Hour Restoration

$17,500.00. Entry level price for the FF Crossflow Cup Championship.


Designed in 1976-77 for the 77 season by Rory Byrne, the RP24 was a major step forward in the state of the art of Formula Ford, with a front suspension design similar to the Formula 1 cars of the day. Byrne’s design intent was clean airflow to the side radiators, low center of gravity, and ease of race day repair in case of a shunt. For example, the upper control/rocker is located on replaceable fabricated sub-members.

The unique engineering of the RP24 also includes a higher frame chassis section and additional elements inside the pods providing for better triangulation on a larger cross-section, providing increased torsional rigidity and greater driver safety. The gearbox is a stress member of the car with easily replaceable fabricated sub-member components that carry the rear suspension allowing for quick at track replacement if necessary. The eloquent engineering continues to the motor mounts, fabricated uprights, anti-roll bars, and throughout the chassis design.

In period the RP24 claimed 11 Formula Ford Championships in Britain and Europe in the hands of such drivers as David Leslie and Trevor van Rooyen against drivers like Nigel Mansell in a Crossle 32F and Chico Serra in a Van Dieman RF77. While the RP24 success rate was not as high in the US SCCA as it was in Europe, there is little denying the RP24 is a very competitive FF then and today.


The Royale RP24 offered here was acquired by the seller in the Fall of 2018 as a near complete zero-hour restoration. The chassis and gearbox were rebuilt by DnD Fabricating in Puyallup WA, a modest zero time rebuilt Stimola race engine, with the final assembly completed by professional crew chief Frank Resciniti in 2017.

When purchased the seller also purchased a Tillet W3 race bucket seat with support backframe and a new ATL 5-gallon fuel cell. The ATL fuel cell provides more room for the Tillet race seat, or using a custom bead seat the car could accomidate a taller driver.

Before the car can be back on the track, the car needs a front tubular nose support fabricated to properly support the nose. The support bar within the nose bodywork also needs repair for proper fitment. The shocks were reportedly dyno’d and in good condition, however the brand is unknown. The pedals may require modification depending on shoe size as the pedal box is narrow common in formula cars. It is also noted there is a small leak from the transmission dogleg into the gearbox that may need attention however the leak may take care of itself after some run sessions and the car goes through some heat cycles. If not, there are new seals ready for installation.

The car has been in dry warm storage the past 5 years located in the Pacific Northwest. The car unfortunately does not come with logbooks, no chassis tag, and has no spares except for a battery start booster. This race car is prime for someone looking for a competitive formula ford to run in 2023 with minor completion effort including the necessary refresh of belts, fire system, and tires.

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