1978 Chevron B46. Formula Atlantic/F2/Super Vee

The Last Derek Bennett Chevron. Chassis 01

Major Price Drop. now $55,000


This unique 1978 car, chassis number 46-78-01, was the first Chevron B46 constructed.   Unfortunately it appears it was also the last original Chevron. Chevron founder and designer, Derek Bennett, was killed in a hang gliding accident in March of that same year. There would be no more Bennett Chevrons. This B46, chassis 01, appears to be the very last one.

Interestingly, after its construction chassis 01 would not see a race track for a very long time. When Bennett died, chassis 01, which had yet to have its engine installed, was put into storage. It would remain there for the next nearly 30 years.

In 2005 an avid Chevron collector acquired the car. A Formula Atlantic spec 1600 c.c. Cosworth BDA was installed into the chassis along with a Hewland FT200 gearbox. The car then went on to a winning career in Historic Formula Atlantic racing. 


The Chevron has 26 total races on it. It is powered by its 235 h.p. Cosworth BDA. The engine was built by Slade Engines using a brand new block in 2018, and now has 6 hours on it. Spares include a front nose, some extra gear sets, and a spare front and rear wheel.

The B46 can be raced as an historic Formula 2, Historic Formula Atlantic as it sits, or as Bennett originally conceived, a Formula Super Vee, depending upon which engine you choose to run. Lots of options here, and a real good Formula Atlantic as it sits.

If you are a Chevron fan, or collector, the last Chevron, and of course the first Chevron, are pretty special ones to have, right? In addition, chassis 46-78-01, is being offered at a fraction of the price of other important Chevrons. When will an opportunity like this come up again? 

If you would like to get it, reach out to us. We’ll help you make it happen.

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