1978 March 78B Formula Atlantic Ex-Howdy Holmes 1978 Championship Winner



This March 78B is the 1978 Labatts Formula Atlantic Championship winning car. It was the March works-supported Doug Shierson team car raced by Howdy Holmes. It is chassis number 1. The original chassis tag is still on the original tub.

The March won multiple races, including the Long Beach Grand Prix, where Holmes bested over 60 entrants including Keke Rosberg, Bobby Rahal, Danny Sullivan and many other future championship winners.

The March is believed to have raced with only three drivers, and has been in storage since. Its current paint scheme is from the 1980’s, and is a copy of the original paint scheme which is underneath the repaint.


it is represented to be the original gearbox the car was sold with and raced with according to the original sales invoice.

The March also has some unique Shierson bits, including the roll bar, and mirrors.

The following parts, among many others we sure, are missing:

Wiring and switches
Fire bottle
Rear wing flap
Rear sway bar pillow blocks

The tub is in good condition, being the original, with some scars from competition, as seen in the photos.

This is an opportunity to buy a Championship winning car with clear provenance and no stories. It is also one of the best, most competitive, cars to have for the pre-1980 Historic Formula Atlantic series. It is our experience that most Formula Atlantic cars require a considerable investment after purchase to get it truly race-ready. This car will require a substantial investment in time and money to get it right, no doubt about it. But if you are going to invest the time and money, putting it into the best car with the best history will result in a much higher long term value. You will also be able to always run at the front.

Chassis Number: 01
Engine Number: