1979 March 79B Formula Atlantic – UPDATED INFO.



Chassis #20. Ex- Don Breidenbach/Tropicana Hotels pro series car for 1979. 1980 Carl Haas team spare. 1981 Brian Sheahan/Tom Crowther car. Crowther set the Laguna Seca track record with the March. 1982-2002 Bob Allen/BARE Racing. The March ran as a sports racer during this period. 2002-2005 Michael Kennedy. 2005 to present. Fully documented history file including old log books.



UPDATE: The March will be available through the end of February, 2019, with its VDS Cosworth 1600 BDD Formula Atlantic engine still installed. The engine has only two races on it.

Beginning in March, 2019, the current owner will be having a 2 liter Cosworth BDG engine installed to run the car to Formula 2 specification.  He intends to race the car through Labor Day, 2019, with the 2 liter engine.  After Labor Day the car can be purchased with the 2 liter installed, and the 1600 VDS engine as a backup.  The total price for the car and the two engines (regardless of which is in the car) is $75,000.00.

The car has a new Bahner tub and ground up rebuild in 2015. Two races since. Hewland FT 200 rebuilt in 2016.

Many spares including 3 sets of wheels, bodywork, nose and splitter assembly, factory original rear uprights, and additional suspension pieces.

This is one of the finest, fastest, flat bottom, Historic Formula Atlantic cars available anywhere. This March has been continually maintained by GMT racing on a no-expense spared basis to consistently run at the front. We know this car and owner personally, and can attest first hand to the level of preparation, speed, and performance exhibited by both of them.

It is our opinion, having owned and raced Formula Atlantic for a number of years now, including a race-winning March 79B, that this 79B is one of the very best we’ve ever seen. We do not believe a Formula Atlantic car can be purchased for less than this car and then be brought to this level for near the current offering price for this car. The March has a new Marc Bahner tub, full restoration, professional set up, and is a proven race winner. It has also been race-tested and proven since the restoration. It has very valuable spares too. There are no mysteries with this car. The money has already been spent. All the car needs now is someone new to drive it.

To see a video of the March in action, here.

Chassis Number: 20