1979 March 79B Formula Atlantic



Early history as yet unknown.

Most recent history is Tim Gaffney racing the car up through 2009, when he rebuilt the car. It was completed in 2011. Gaffney sold the car in the condition described below in 2012. Unfortunately, the new owner was not able to race the car, and it is now being offered by his estate.


Recent work:

150-200 miles on fully rebuilt engine

Engine specs:
• New 4 bolt head,
• Jennings “long” intake manifolds,
• New Weber 48DCOSp carbs,
• Later version “solid” cam carrier
• New Moldex crank,
• New Carrillo rods,
• Carr rod bolts,
• Special Jennings .440 lift cam,
• “Big” valves, new valve springs,
• New “sun burst” motorsports block,
• 80A cast alloy pan,
• Integrated water pump pulley,
• Special March oil pump,
• New oil cooler
• Electromotive ignition system.

• Excellent Tub
• Hydroformed front bulkhead is in excellent condition
• Engine mounting system is a revised “Shearson” system that stiffens the rear of the tub.
• New main plane on March rear wing
• Fresh fuel cell from Fuel Safe
• New Willians seat belts

• New steering links
• New “U” joints in the drive shafts
• New “aero” CV boots
• Kephos coated hubs
• New nylon bushings in Front upper A-arms and lower rear A-arms
• New rear radius bars
• Rebuilt Koni shocks 8212 (True Choice)
• New front and rear roll bars
• Di Chromate coating on uprights

Other Parts
• New Racetech brake bias adjustor
• New Tilton XLT superlight starter
• New nose frame
• New Revolution alloy wheels (not restored)
• Carbon Fiber dash
• New Racetech gauges
• New Stack Tach
• New Racetech quick release hub for steering wheel
• New Fuel Safe fuel cell
• New “varley” SBS battery

Hewland FT-200.
• Gearbox was rebuilt by J&J; racing
• New Differential bell
• New inner and out cam track
• New pawls (chiclets)
• New seals
• New Pinion bearing
• New input shaft
• New twin plate nested clutches
• Carbon fiber nose
• Nose frame
• Radiator
• Full set of wheels with rain tires
• Brake pads
• 10 gear sets
• Choice of March rear wing or Ralt RT-4 rear wing
• Misc. parts
• Note book with set up notes, chassis diagrams, Hewland manual, Electromotive book,
March docs, etc
• File with all receipts

Chassis Number: 79B-13
Engine Number: