1980/81 Ralt RT4 Formula Atlantic

Ex-Pro Car. Great Masters FA Plus Car

Major Price Drop. Now $48,000 for a top historic FA


The early history of the car has been researched by the current owner. He spoke with Bill Fickling, the first name in the log book, long time Ralt racer Dave McMillan from New Zealand, and Ralt historian Charles Warner. He said that they believe this car to be a 1980/81 RT4, chassis #205. That chassis number is also written in the car’s oldest log book. The current owner purchased the car in 1986, and has had it ever since.

This RT4 has raced in the following Pro Formula Atlantic Series:

Stefan Petroff Pro F. Atlantic Series

Herbalife Pro F. Atlantic Series

WCAR Pro F. Atlantic Series.

The car has also raced at the Long Beach Grand Prix Formula Atlantic race as well as in SCCA Nationals.

In addition, the Ralt has had a stellar vintage racing career with VARA and HSR West, winning five consecutive series championships.

The car’s last outing was in April, 2022, a track test day. All good.


1.5 hours on fresh Jennings 1600 on Weber 48s,

Hewland FT 200

Bahner wide track

Fresh paint

Accel racing ignition,

New fuel cell foam.

Current belts.


One matching nose

One set front wings

Four wheels w/dated sticker tires

Brake rotors


Radiator, and

Small miscellaneous parts including Brake pads, spark plugs, etc. Extra gear sets available at additional cost.

This RT4 is a car capable of winning overall in Masters Formula Atlantic Plus, CSRG, VARA, HSR, SVRA, and more. You could have been on the grid in this Ralt at the U.S. Grand Prix at COTA for the Formula Atlantic Plus support race, racing in front of hundreds of thousands of F1 fans.

The RT4’s are still affordable at this price, but for how long? Get an RT4 and run at the front.

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