1980 March 802, Works Formula 2

Ex-Keiji Matsumoto. Period race-winning F2 car



This March 802, chassis number 03, was the March works car raced by Keiji Matsumoto in the 1980-81 Japanese F2 series. Matsumoto won theĀ Suzuka Round on September 28, 1980.

Since it’s career in the Japan F2 series, chassis 03 was acquired by Phil Reilly & Co. The car was restored and purchased by its current owner. The March has been raced in U.S. vintage races since, including Road America and Sonoma Raceway. It continues to be maintained by Phil Reilly & Co.


The March is currently powered by a Cosworth 2.0 liter BDG with a Hewland FT200 gearbox.

The March would be an excellent entry, and perennial first place overall contender, for theĀ  Masters Formula Atlantic Plus Series. If you want to win with an historic factory works car that has period winning history, this March 802 is a great choice.