1980 PRS RH01 Formula Ford

Daytona CF record holder. Freshly restored. Two test days only.



Bill Slowik owned this PRS in the 1980’s and 1990’s before the car was sold to Bruce Kaufenbaum. Other owners include Mike Stanley and Richard Klotz. Multiple time Formula Ford National Champion, John Robinson, raced this PRS at Daytona in August, 2017, and promptly set a new Club Ford track record with the car. John Gaither then purchased the car and successfully raced it in historic Formula Ford races. Thereafter, the PRS went to Dave Scaler before going to the current owner. 

At some point the PRS underwent a ground up restoration by Mike Scanlan. This likely occurred  just prior to Gaither racing the car at the 50th Anniversary Formula Ford race at Road America. 

Mike Agnifilo performed a rebuild of the PRS over the winter of 2022-2023. Since then the PRS has done only two test sessions, both at COTA in November, 2023.


The PRS was the subject of what was essentially a full restoration in 2023, with the exception of the frame which was already in excellent condition. 

The PRS is powered by a 115 h.p. Ivey engine with 3 hours on it. It has a Fresh Scott Young Hewland gearbox. The PRS comes with approximately 37 REM-ISF and Cryo treated gear sets, including some duplicates. The car has new gauges, rotors, master cylinders, etc. The shocks were also rebuilt by Langbein. According to the owner, essentially everything was rebuilt or replaced at a cost of roughly $35,000. Spares include some suspension pieces, a spare nose, and a spare set of Panasport wheels.

This is a restored, track-tested, track proven, track record setting, highly competitive Club Formula Ford that is ready to go for 2024. You can now get it for the cost of the restoration alone. Buying a Formula Ford that is already done to a high standard turns out to be much less expensive, more competitive right now, and more fun, than a “cheap” Formula Ford. Don’t ask us how we know…


We are awaiting additional higher resolutiuon photos.