1982 Fittipaldi F-9 Formula One



Brothers Emerson and Wilson Fittipaldi launched their first Fittipaldi Formula One Grand Prix cars in in 1975. By 1982, they had developed their seventh car, the F-9. The F-9 became the final Fittipaldi F-1 car.

The F-9 was raced by Chico Serra in several Grands Prix in 1982. Serra’s best finishes were seventh in Austria, and sixth in South Africa. The car was outclassed on horsepower by the new turbo cars.

The F-9 has run the Monterey Historic Automobile Races as well as the Wine Country Classic multiple times. Its last race was 1996, at Sears Point Raceway.


The Fittipaldi F-9 is in fully restored condition. It is powered by a 465 h.p. Cosworth DFV with Lucas slide valve injection. There are approximately 5 hours on the engine and on the Hewland FGB gearbox.

The Fittipaldi was refreshed in 1999. The oil pumps were rebuilt by the Phil Rielly Co. The uprights were cleaned/greased and new upper and lower wishbone joints were installed. The steering rack was also serviced and the fluids changed.

The Fitipaldi F-9 was one of the last normally aspirated Cosworth DFV powered cars competing at the beginning of the turbocharged era in F1. As such, it is one of the most technically developed and quickest cars in current F1 vintage racing. It is in excellent condition, and ready for vintage racing at the front of the pack.