1982 Ralt RT4 Formula Atlantic

Restoration Completed, January, 2021

Sold, March, 2021

Ralt RT4 [356]-BDD

Ralt sales record says sold to Alan McCall, delivered 20.11.82. [Chassis no: 82-10; gearbox: not supplied so presumably from McCall’s workshops; fuel cell: JM40068; colour: not given.]

 According to the owner, chassis 356 seems to have been the spare car taken by McCall to NZ series in 1983. Probably an unused McCall car in 83 [where 355 seems to have been used by Hunter and Garza] and 84 [Kneifel in WCAR series]. f/s OT 23.4.84 p. 70 ’83 RT4 brand new, along with ’83 RT4 Detroit winner. The ‘brand new’ here suggests that only one of McCall’s 1983 cars did any work and we know that 355 was raced in NZ.

Thereafter there are log books from 1985- Steve Overton, 1989- Jim Wright, 1996-Gregg Matocha, 2012-James Smith.  Then sold to Dan Helman. Then sold to the current owner. The car has not been raced since 1994. 

Restoration was just completed by a championship winning race car engineer and driver.

Fresh, dyno time only, Ivey engine. Fresh FT200 by John Anderson racing (New forks, new bearing carrier, new dog rings, all new bearings, new Hewland chicklet style differential, new chromate, etc.) 

In addition, the following has been done:

  • New wheel bearings
  • Rebuilt Calipers
  • New/rebuilt master cylinders
  • New CV boots
  • Rebuilt Rack
  • 90% new plumbing
  • Rebuilt Radiator
  • All body stripped and redone in red
  • Fresh fuel cell
  • All suspension new polished nickel
  • New front discs
  • New Avons on Momo Wheels
  • New throttle cable
  • New air filter
  • New oil and water lines
  • Rebuilt radiator
  • New brake and clutch plumbing
  • New throwout bearing assembly
  • New clutch/clutch cover
  • And more…..
  • Corner weighted, and aligned.  

Spares include about 20 gear sets, front wings, brake pads, set of Ronal wheels and misc other items.

This is a  super nice car. It is also a perfect entry, and likely outright winner, for the new Masters Formula Atlantic Series Plus. It is also accepted with CSRG, HMSA, VARA, and other racing organizations across the U.S. and beyond.  

The engine and gearbox have been done by two of the best in the business, Ivey Engines, Inc., and John Anderson Racing.  Restoration, and chassis set up have been done by one of the fastest, championship-winning, vintage Formula Atlantic engineers and drivers in the U.S.

We think the prices of the ground effects cars are going to continue to increase as demand grows for these newly accepted historic FA cars. We saw what happened with the flat bottom, pre-1980, Atlantics when they became accepted at premier vintage racing events a few years back. The values bumped up from twenty five to fifty percent within about two years.

We just sold another nice RT4 for basically the same money, give or take a few spares, but without the fresh restoration.

If you want to win in Historic Formula Atlantic right now, this is a no-excuses car you can do it with. It is also going to look fabulous in the paddock, and at the front of the grid.

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Photo Gallery


You can see a poor quality video taken from an old cell phone below. At least you can verify the car moves forwards and backwards, and is very red!