1982 Ralt RT4 Formula Atlantic

Restored 2021. Last raced Oct. 2023. Ready to go.

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Ralt RT4 [356]-BDD

Ralt sales record reflect that this RT4 was sold to Alan McCall, and delivered 20.11.82. [Chassis no: 82-10; gearbox: not supplied so presumably from McCall’s workshops; fuel cell: JM40068; colour: not given.]

According to a prior owner, chassis 356 appears to have been the spare car taken by McCall to the NZ series in 1983. It was likely an unused McCall car for that season as the sister chassis, 355, was the car apparently raced by Hunter and Garza in 1983. In 1984, chassis 355 was used by Chris Kneifel in the WCAR series. There is no Ralt report of chassis 356 being raced by the McCall operation in 1983 or 1984. 

Having said that, the records do show that “f/s OT 23.4.84 p. 70 ’83 RT4 brand new, along with ’83 RT4 Detroit winner.” It thus appears that the “brand new” car referred to in 1984 was the still unused 1983 McCall back up RT4, chassis 356. 

Thereafter there are log books from 1985 – Steve Overton, 1989 – Jim Wright, 1996 – Gregg Matocha, 2012-James Smith. The Ralt was then sold to Dan Helman before going to the owner who completed restoration of the Ralt in 2021. 

The Ralt remained unraced from 1994 up through 2021. It was in 2021 that the current owner purchased the car and began racing it in historic Formula Atlantic races on the U.S. West Coast. Its most recent race was in the Fall of 2023, at Laguna Seca. The Ralt successfully completed all sessions, and finished 4th overall and 2nd in Formula Atlantic. 


The restoration of chassis 356 was completed in 2021. There are currently 9 hours on the Ivey Engines Cosworth BDA. The Hewland FT200 gearbox was rebuilt by John Anderson Racing, including new forks, bearing carrier, dog rings, all new bearings, new Hewland “chicklet”-style differential, new chromate finish, etc. The gearbox also has 9 hours on it since its rebuild.

In addition, the following was done during restoration:

  • New wheel bearings
  • Rebuilt Calipers
  • New master cylinders
  • New CV boots
  • Rebuilt Rack
  • 90% new plumbing
  • Full body stripped and redone in red
  • Fresh fuel cell
  • All suspension new polished nickel
  • New brake discs all around
  • New throttle cable
  • New air filter
  • New oil and water radiators
  • New oil and water lines
  • New brake and clutch plumbing
  • New throwout bearing assembly
  • And more…..
  • Corner weighted, and aligned.  

The car also comes with 10 gear sets, rebuilt oil and water radiators, and a spare set of Dymag wheels. 

The owner is now retiring from racing, so the RT4 will be sold. This is an opportunity to pick up a recently restored, low-time, race-proven, front-running, Ralt RT4. It even has its original chassis tag on it, which is quite rare with these cars. 

You can be a front runner in Historic Formula Atlantic and race in prestigious events including the U.S. Grand Prix support race at COTA. You can race this Ralt at COTA for less than the cost of just the DFV engine in Historic F1 cars. Buy the Ralt now and have the experiences of a lifetime. You can always sell this desirable car down the road, but you will get to keep the memories forever.  

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