1982 Royale RP31

Multi-time Crossflow Cup podium car

Sold March, 2023


The Royale’s early history is currently unknown.

The Royale’s recent history has been competing in the Crossflow Cup, achieving multiple podium finishes with a 75 year old driver. When driven by the car’s preparer three years ago, who is half the age of the current owner, the Royale ran away from the entire field.


The Royale is very presentable with the patina of having been competitively raced. It was thoroughly  recommissioned 5 years ago by a fastidious FF fanatic. At that time it was taken down to the frame and repainted. The chassis received all new stainless flexible brake lines, wiring, rod ends, suspension bushings, wheel bearings, and bodywork. 

Since recommissioning, the Royale has been raced 5-6 events per season in the Crossflow Cup. In the last 3 years the Royale suspension was disassembled and the 4 uprights were X-rayed. The Konis were rebuilt at Performance Shock at Sonoma Raceway. The original Hewland gearbox case we replaced with a new Rhino case, including a new input shaft and reverse fork. A new annular throwout bearing was also installed along with a Tilton clutch and pressure plate. The Ivey engine was dyno’d at 113 hp in 2020, and has approximately 15 hours on it. Four new CV joints were installed in the winter of 2021. All four calipers received new seals in the winter of 2020.

The car comes with a total of 8 complete Compomotive 3 piece wheels and several additional centers and rim halves. Many extra gear sets and rod ends are included with the Royale as well. The Willans belts are good through 2025.

The photos show that additional triangulating framework that was added to the cockpit surround making the car very rigid with lots of driver protection. The car has a custom poured bead seat by Troy Stevens for the current 5’9”, 145 lbs. driver. 

This is a highly competitive Club Ford at a bargain price that can run at the front of any vintage Formula Ford grid. It is also great looking with its period-appropriate Castrol GTX livery, and is very popular with spectators and fellow racers alike. 


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