1984/85 Ralt



RT5-493 first raced at Long Beach in 1985, driven by Craig Hogan. Jimmy Peterson raced the Ralt in its second race, this time at Mid Ohio, also in 1985. Thereafter Paul Rieffle raced the car for its next seven races through November, 1987. These were all pro races.

Next, Michael Dow and Jeff Davis shared the car for several races. Then the Ralt was raced by H.C. Kassigkeit through the end of 1990. A total of 26 races had been run by the car at that time.

Next up was Joe Reitmer, who bought the Ralt and raced it in 8 races, ending in May of 1994. Then Chris Billings raced the car in 11 races from 2010 to April of 2014. The car now has a grand total of 45 races on it, and has not seen active track action since 2014. All of this information is documented in the car’s log books.


The Ralt is an 84/85 model with pushrod front suspension. It has a Hewland Mk. 9 gearbox with Mk 5 ratio’s. 1600 cc engine is fed by Racetronic electronic fuel injection. The car is in running condition, but should have a thorough check because it has not raced for 3 years.

Included with the car are:
4 extra noses – used
1 extra engine cover – used
1 extra carbon fiber side pod – new but has some damage
8 or so miscellaneous control arms
1 set Penske remote canister shocks
1 set of Ohlins remote canister shocks (one is missing some parts)
9 – front wings – used
2 boxes various aluminum shear plates, heat shields, and other bits
1 box springs, brake pads, paint, etc
1 box of brake scoops
1 box Aeroquip stuff
1 box of engine parts (ignition, used pistons, etc)
2 used nose boxes
2 front wing bars
16 sway bars
some used brake discs
1600 German head (cracked, needs repair)
2 sets Dymag wheels
Top gears (26/25, 17/24, 20/25, 27/24, 18/22, 19/23)
First gear (12/29)
Reverse idler, 5R slider.

Chassis Number: RT-493
Engine Number: