1985 Frisbee GR-7 Can Am



The 1985 Frisbee GR-7 Can Am car was the final development of the single seat Can Am car. This particular GR-7 is one of the finest examples of a single seater Can Am car in the in the Country.

Chassis #726 was originally owned by John Walsh of Yorkshire Motorsports in Wisconsin. The car was campaigned in the Can Am series, and was driven by Bill Vincent, Herm Johnson, and Bob Duprey. Walsh then sold the car to Mike McComas, who in turn sold it to its present owner, Carey Grayson.

Grayson began vintage racing the GR-7 in 1990, running a total of five races through 1994. There is no known history or evidence of any accidents with the car. The Frisbee was last raced in 1999.


The GR-7 has an ultra stiff, space frame construction wrapped in a fiberglass body. It has a McGarrity prepared 600 h.p. dry sump, small block Chevy with Hilborn fuel injection. The fuel is held in twin Lola T-332 fuel cells.

The Chevy’s power is transmitted through a Hewland DG-Z 5 speed gearbox. The front suspension is inboard pushrod with coil-over Konis. The rear suspension is inboard rocker arm, again with coil- over Konis. The brakes are Wilwood dual piston calipers at the front and AP four piston calipers at the rear.

The engine and gearbox have two race weekends on them since freshening. These weekends were used as test and break in periods for the engine and transmission.

The Frisbee was one of the most successful cars in Can Am history. The GR-7 is the culmination of all the development of this winning marque.

This particular GR-7 is in immaculate condition. The entire car has been polished and plated where proper. This car is ready to be raced in anger, or displayed as a show car. It is that nice.

This GR7 represents one of the best “bangs for the buck” in automobile racing today. It is already accepted in several vintage racing organizations (HSR, VARA, etc.) and will certainly be accepted into other organizations as time goes on. This will only continue to increase the usability and value of the car.

If you are seriously interested in a car that is fast, easy to run, affordable, and one that has spectacular presence, then this car warrants your consideration. In this condition and at this price, it is a value.

Chassis Number: 726