1987 Spice-Buick GTP Lights



This Spice-Buick was originally a Spice Engineering entry in U.S. Camel GT Series. It was campaigned by Whitehall Motorsports for drivers Skeeter Mckitterick, John Paul Jr., and many others from 1987 through 1992. It has Sebring 12 Hour, and multiple Daytona 24 Hour races, in its history. It also won the 1988 Camel Lights event at Lime Rock Park.

The Spice was originally powered by a 3.0 liter Pontiac Engine. In 1992 Essex Racing took over the car and installed a 3.4 liter Buick V6 for better reliability. The car is currently powered by this engine.

The Spice has most recently raced with HSR over the past 15 years in historic racing. The car has captured numerous victories at the hands of Roger Mandeville, Shane Lewis, Dorsey Schroeder, and others.

The Spice Buick comes with an unusually enormous amount of spares. Buying this car now would be similar to buying a full endurance racing team at the end of its current season. You get spare fresh engines, gearboxes, a completely assembled rear suspension/gearbox assembly ready for quick mounting, other suspension pieces, wheels, electronics, scales, tool boxes full of tools and spare bits, gear sets, spare bodywork, wings, etc. The list is extensive, and available if you are seriously interested. This is an amazing package for historic racing.

The Spice was last driven on the track in 2015. It was last started and operated in January, 2017, but not at speed on the track. It would need the usual race prep from sitting, but other than that should be good to go. Even assuming the car was not 100%, if you had any problems you have fresh, brand new, replacement parts right at your fingertips.

This is an amazing package at this price, including major spares, many in excellent or new condition. All serious buyers are strongly urged to contact us. The car and parts WILL BE SOLD.

The car’s period racing history can be viewed at RacingSportsCars.com at: http://www.racingsportscars.com/chassis/photo/SE87L-003.html


Chassis Number: SE87-003
Engine Number: