1988 Chevron B67 Formula Ford 2000, FC


This 1988 Chevron B-67 was originally used in the 1988 USAC Professional Formula Continental Series.  It is chassis  #4 of only 5 Chevron B-67s.  

The Chevron is powered by a 2000cc Ivey engine. It has a Staffs gearbox which can run Hewland gear sets. The Chevron has pull rod suspension, Ohlins shocks, and adjustable sway bars.  The cockpit also accommodates large drivers, unlike many formula cars. 

Spares include front and rear high down force wings and spare wheels with mounted rain tires.  The car will come with its original log books. 

The Chevron has been maintained by a former F1 mechanic.  All mechanical system have been serviced and are in excellent condition.  The fiberglass body is unrestored and has a track patina, including stone chips and stress cracks but no crash damage.

This is an incredible value for the price. The Chevron has multiple potential uses.

For current vintage racer who want to move up from Formula Ford, or cross over from Formula B or Formula C, the Chevron can be an excellent learning platform to gain experience with wings and slicks.

For owners of more expensive cars, such as the current owner who has had several F1 cars, the Chevron represents low budget, easy, practice and track time without the whole production and cost of running an F1 car, Formula Atlantic, Indy Lights, IndyCar, etc.  It’s a good warm up car.

This is an awesome track day car. You can run for hours and hours for very low cost in a “real race car” that looks the part For just $10,000.00.  It will also look great in your garage, and in track day photos on the wall in your office or home.

Another use, of course, is historic racing. No, they do not have a class for this car at the Monterey Reunion (yet), but it can run with most other vintage racing sanctioning bodies across the U.S. and worldwide. F2000 was in an international class. If you are buying from outside the U.S. we can help you with shipping too.

So you will have lots of great uses, (probably more than mentioned here) for this F2000, and for only $10,000.00. Where else can you buy a running, driving, professionally prepared iconic Chevron brand car for near this number? You can also get Chevron-specific parts directly from Chevron. They still make the parts for their historic racing cars.

So we think this Chevron is a great way to go for either the newbie wanting to gain experience in a proper formula racing car, or the veteran racer who wants to hone their skills in preparation for stepping into their much faster, more expensive machinery. It is also one of the coolest track day cars one can have and tow to the track on a small single axle trailer behind the family SUV.  For race track club members, this would be a great car to have for your friends to guest drive when they come to visit.

So many uses for such a small price, and the “cool factor” is way up there on this Chevron.

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