1990 Honda GB500 Tourist Trophy

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The 1989/90 Honda Tourist Trophy was Honda’s 500 cc single cylinder nod to the 1960’s English clubman and cafe style racers. They called it the “Tourist Trophy” after the Isle of Man race. 

These bikes were finished in very dark green (almost black) metallic with gold pinstriping. They were equipped with five speed gearboxes and 18” alloy wire wheels. The Tourist Trophies were equipped with front disc brakes and drum rear brakes. 

Approximately 3500 Tourist Trophy (“TT”) bikes were imported into the U.S. This is one of them, and it carries a current California registration and title. Modifications include a period Corbin dual seat, a period Supertrapp exhaust, and progressive rear shocks. 


The TT is in very nice condition. It was last purchased in 2019 with 22,700 miles on it. It only has 94 miles since. The owner recently passed away so the Honda is again available.