1990 Reynard 90D F3000/Holden

Amazing restoration by pro shop



Update: The price has just been dropped from $59,900.00 to $53,000.00 to expedite the sale of the car. New restoration photos added below.

Formula 3000 was the final stepping stone to F1 in the 1990s having replaced Formula 2, with Reynard being a formidable force in the series up to the mid-1990s. As the series progressed and with new rules introducing a standardized single-engine and chassis, many of the Formula 3000 cars saw continued use in Formula Nippon in Japan and Formula Holden in Australia.

While the Formula Nippon retained the use of a modified V8 powerplant producing about 450 h.p., the Formula Holden series utilized a Buick V6 with approximately 320 h.p. with similar torque to the high revving V8 engines of its heritage. The primary reason for the engine swap was to keep the running costs much lower than the more powerful V8s.

After Formula Holden, Michael Penau brought many of the cars to the United States where they enjoyed careers in vintage and club racing.


The Reynard 90D, chassis 90D-005, has seen limited track time since being imported to the U.S. A complete, ground up, chassis restoration was just completed at a cost in excess of $25,000. You can see several photos of restoration process in the photo gallery below. These photos are a fraction of all the photos documenting the complete restoration. The car is fully restored, on the button, and ready to go.

The Reynard is currently fitted with its Holden powerplant, a 3800 cc Buick V6 (approx. 400 h.p.), mounted to a Reynard transverse 5-speed gearbox with Hewland FT200 internals. The engine has approximately one hour on it and the gearbox 2-3 hours of run time. The chassis has modern pushrod/wishbone suspension, Koni coil-over dampers, AP 4-piston brakes, and 6-into-1 exhaust.

The Reynard is currently wearing a Ferrari F1 livery reminiscent of its bigger F1 brother. However, the car had a yellow Shell livery with a Scuderia Veloce Racing Team logo when imported from Australia. The yellow Shell livery can be seen in the gallery below. The specific F3000 and Holden history of 90D-005 is currently unknown. However, it is believed the car ran with Shell livery while in the Formula Holden series in Australia.

You can see a video of the Reynard running below. The car is currently located in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Reynard will come with 1 spare set of wheels, approximately 22 sets of FT200 gear ratios, and miscellaneous small parts.

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