1991 Acura Spice, IMSA Championship Winner



This is one of the three Comptech Spice-Acura team cars that dominated the IMSA GTP Lights class. They claimed the Championship for three consecutive years from 1991-1993. The car was raced by Parker Johnstone, Dan Marvin, Roger Mandeville, Dorsey Shroeder, Shame Lewis, Jeff Kline, and other pro drivers. This is also the car that won the 1992 Rolex Daytona 24 Hours in the GTP Lights class. The car’s period racing history can be examined at RacingSportsCars.com at: http://www.racingsportscars.com/chassis/archive/SE91P-024.html

After its period racing career, the car was raced in historic racing, continuing its winning ways. Currently, the car was last track tested in August, 2015. It has been started and moved around the shop as recently as January, 2017.


The Spice Acura is powered by Honda’s 3.0 liter, VTEC, V6, engine producing 425-440 horsepower. Power is driven through a Hewland DG 400 gearbox. The car weighs in at approximately 1,850 lbs.

There are an enormous amount of spares with this car. Buying this car with this package of spares, would be similar to buying a complete endurance car racing team at the end of a season. For this package of spares to still be available with the car nearly 25 years after its Championship winning season is extraordinary. Not only are the many of the spares pre-assembled for quick installation during pit stops, the portable Lista tool boxes, full of tools, computer equipment, and additional parts are also included. See below.


1 Complete fresh Acura motor with clutch pipes, etc. all fitted.
1 Second spare motor, dyno-fresh, less intake
1 Spare nose, painted
1 Spare nose, unpainted
1 Spare tail
1 Spare windscreen
1 Complete spare back including transmission, bellhousing, suspension, etc. with dry breaks assembled.
10 Spare gear sets
1 Pit Cart
1 Spare ECU with serial interface
3 Sets of spare wheels
1 Set of assorted electrical sensors
1 Spare set of front suspension, including uprights, wishbones, sway bars, rockers, etc.
Assorted drive pegs and other various car-specific hardware
1 New spare axle set with CV’s and break in balls
Assorted spare fittings, electrical bits, etc.
1 Wheel gun and nitrogen regulator
1 New spare 10:30 ring and Pinion
1 Spare dash (plus software)
1 Software for data logger and ECU
1 Spare nose box
1 Spare radiator
1 Spare tunnel set
1 Set spare cooler
2 Sets of spare dog rings
Assorted spare wings
1 Lista cabinet with assorted hardware
1 Lista cabinet with assorted electronics, cables, etc.
1 Set up pad
1 Set of scales

The photos of the parts and tool boxes show the Spice-Acura parts and tools, as well as parts and tools that go with the Spice-Buick also for sale on our website. Each car will get those parts and tool that go with that car. There are additional parts and tools beyond what are shown in the photos. These additional items are described in the list above. The engines are crated up in the boxes seen in the photos.

The is an amazing price for a famous car with significant winning history, and basically the factory spares package.

All serious buyers are strongly urged to contact us. The car and parts WILL BE SOLD.

Chassis Number: SL91/24