1996 Chevrolet NASCAR Monte Carlo



#41 Kodiak fielded by Larry Hedrick Motorsports. It ran in Winston Cup from 96-98, driven by Ricky Craven (96) and Steve Grissom (97/98).

The car was originally an oval car, converted to road race. It has been run at open track events a few several times per year. It has raced with SCRS (Stock Car Race Series) and also at California Speedway for three years. It’s last race was in the Fall of 2014.


The Monte Carlo is powered by an 18 degree Chevy NASCAR engine, with about 20 hours on the last full rebuild. Engine pulled at the end of 2014. Gary Meier (JE Piston Engineer) went through the engine, replaced the cam and lifters and drive belt. Meier also checked everything else in the engine. The engine was re-installed and fired in April and ran perfectly. All good.

The car currently has a conservative 7400 rpm chip in the MSD and a 7000 shift light for a 8600 rpm capable motor. The engine had about 75 hours on it before the last rebuild and was still running fine. The transmission is a Jerico 4 speed, new with about 8 hours use.

The car comes with two 9 inch lockers, a 3.90 and a 4.44 (currently in the car), 6 extra wheels, and four new tires.