1999 Johnny Benson/Roush Racing NASCAR Ford

Pixar Toy Story sponsored car



Autosport NACAR chassis records show that this Roush Racing Ford Taurus was Records show that this #26 Toy Story sponsored car, chassis JR-49, was the Roush Racing Ford Taurus that Johnny Benson raced in the 1999, NAPA 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway. The car may have competed in earl have been raced prior to the NAPA 500 as well. More research


Roush Racing ran the #26 with Johnny Benson. At the time
Benson was an up-and-comer in NASCAR, and driving for Roush was going to be his big break.
Unfortunately, Benson had a bad year in 1999, so bad in fact that someone made a YouTube
video of his struggles that year in the #26 car. The #26 was crashed hard multiple times during
the season. The car’s average starting position was 30th, and average finishing position was
25th. There were no wins and only two top five finishes all season. By the end of the year,
Roush and Benson parted ways.
It also appears that the #26 car that ran with the Pixar livery ran with that livery in only one race
in 1999. That was the Napa 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway, the final race of the season. True
to form, Benson crashed the #26 yet again.
What happened to the car after that I do not know at this point. Perhaps records that may have
come with the car when it was last purchased could help, or contacting Roush Racing and
asking for them to look into it. Having said that, it appears from race records and what is
available online, that there will not be any important race history attached to this car that could
add value to it. There could be some possible value added if the car was used for promotional
purposes by Pixar, for example, but at this point I am unaware of such use.