1999 Mazda Miata

Multiple time FARA Championship Winner


History & Description

Full race Mazda Miata. Can race with  FARA, SCCA, and NASA. Fast and reliable. This Miata has won multiple championships at FARA including the 2019 Sprint MP-4 Championship.


• Full cage with front and rear reinforcements and side bars.

• Very low race time on front & rear double adjustable custom coil overs with race coil springs.

• New Safety equipment: OMP Race seat, 6 point quick release harness, window net, etc. (all good until 2022 or later)

• Wilwood Big Brake 2 piece front rotors, and Wilwood master cylinder.

• Fully set up tubular front pro series lower control arms with fully adjustable spherical joints • All polyurethane bushings on all other suspension pivots

• Front and rear adjustable sway bars with spherical adjustable end links.

• Competition solid engine mounts with polyurethane bushings.

• Fast refueling (not dry break)

• Oil cooler

• Large aluminum crossflow radiator (Car runs cool in the S. Florida’s hot weather)

• Springfield exhaust system & tubular tuned headers.

• Complete Cool Suit system installed and fully operational with extra cool suit shirts.

• 245/580R15 S75 compound Hoosier slicks on all wheels including 12 spare wheels.

• Hard-wired transponder.


• Lightweight Fiberglass doors, and rear deck lid • Aluminum hood • Lightweight hardtop


• 5 speed OEM transmission

• Race ACT clutch on very light steel flywheel

• 4.8 diff with Torsen limited slip

• 12 15X7 aluminum wheels with Hoosier 245/580R15 S75 compound slicks mounted. Also, an additional 4 wheels with rain tires mounted for a total of 16 race wheels.


• One hour, including break-in, on complete rebuild of full race engine. 195 HP at the wheels at 8,200 RPM. 137 lbs. of torque. Dyno sheets available. Very strong torque from 4,500 RPM. Can rev reliable to 8,200. Fantastic race cams from Japan with shims under bucket. Oversize valves on ported and polished cylinder head, H-beam connecting rods, heavy duty oil pump and much more. Oversize forged pistons resulting in 1952 cc. Skunk2 racing intake manifold with Skunk2 oversize throttle body. Engine fully balanced and dyno tuned. Runs on 93 octane high test gas.

• Adaptronic ECU. Fully  Latest spec eMod016 Modular ECU.  AEM AFR gauge and wide-band sensors.

• Rolling Caddy for transporting engine. The Miata is very light, coming in at under 1,980 lbs. dry. Very competitive in MP4-A FARA. 2019 FARA Champion and several prior year’s champion.

Very reliable, always runs with excellent oil pressure and water temperature.


Many, many, spares. 5 speed OEM transmission (needs minor work but has new synchros, bearings, etc.). Complete 4.3 ring and pinion with Torsen diff installed in the spare aluminum cross member. Also, an additional 4.3 ring & pinion with bearings and shims already set up and ready to install quickly. Clutch hydraulics, ACT clutch disc, front hubs, suspension OEM rear bolts, spare long wheel studs, rod ends, OEM ECUs, wiper motor, starter, alternator, misc. harness pieces, coils, tail lamps for both sides. Many internal Engine parts like rods, pistons, complete set of valve shims (one set for under bucket, second set for over bucket for the spare WEB Racing Cams), many misc. hardware, brake components, and many, many more. Among the many boxes of spares are a spare prior model Adaptronic with harness ready to install if needed.

Will provide all race setups including suspension and engine.

The car is in Miami, Florida. It comes with a Washington title from when it was last purchased by the current owner several years ago. Sold on a bill of sale.

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