2008 Pro Formula Mazda

Brand new until 2019. 12 races since with multiple wins

Sold April, 2024


The Pro Formula Mazda Championship series was a spec series for Mazda powered carbon fiber composite monocoque formula cars from 2004 through 2017. The cars were built by Star Mazda, and were powered by 1.3 liter, 260 h.p. Mazda Renesis rotary engines. 

This particular Pro Formula Mazda was constructed in 2008, but did not actually race until 2019. As a result it has only 10 races lifetime on it. The car has been pro-maintained at Sonoma Raceway during its entire racing career, which has included multiple victories in the Formula Car Challenge Series. It also received new lightweight body panels, paint, and sponsorship livery before being raced.


This Pro Formula Mazda (“PFM”) incorporates absolutely amazing features and technology for this price point. It has a super strong and safe carbon composite tub. It has pushrod inboard suspension and two way adjustable remote reservoir Ohlins coilover shocks. The car has an FTR, no-lift, 6 speed sequential gearbox. These are well known gearboxes and are serviced by Hewland experts Taylor Race Engineering, among others. The gearbox in this PFM currently contains the “short stack” of gear ratios used on the West Coast tracks where the car has raced. 

The Mazda Renesis engine’s 260 h.p. is more powerful than the USF 2000 engines, and can push these cars over 160 mph. These are 6000 mile engines, and this particular engine has only approximately 2000 miles on it. Shop and maintenance log books will come with the car. 

This PFM also has the optional Momo/Motec steering wheel instead of a traditional dash. The steering wheel has multiple adjustments, including traction control, fuel mixture settings, pit lane speed limiter, and more. The suspension is also cockpit adjustable. The wings, front and rear, are also adjustable. 

These are just a few of the many features on this really nice, ready to go, Pro Formula Mazda. 

You can use this car for track day fun. Or you can use it as an inexpensive practice day car to tune yourself up for your historic Formula Atlantic or F1 car. You can also race this PFM with SCCA in Formula Atlantic, or the Formula Car Challenge Series (“FCC”). This is a winning car in the FCC Series. It is also a thrilling ride for NASA track days. All of this comes at a price that you would pay for a nice 1970’s or early 1980’s tube frame Formula Ford with 114 h.p. It’s not even close. 

So if you would like to experience a taste of what it is like to drive race cars with technology similar to what you see in the F1 feeder series around the world, and for a fraction of the cost of those cars, this is it. You can buy it for yourself, or go in with some of your racing friends to share the car for practice days, or maybe to compete for a championship. We can also help you with arranging full car support, including trackside, as well as storage. 

This is a fabulous opportunity, and one that should not be missed.