2009 Piper DF5 Honda Formula Ford

2014 Western Conference US Majors Winner

Sold, March, 2021

Beautiful winning car. Well sorted, and well maintained front runner.

  • Numerous poles and wins, and almost always on the podium in Northern and Southern California races.
  • Thoroughly sorted and developed through numerous test days and race weekends with the hands-on support of Ethan Shippert (Shippert Racing), plus much help from Doug and Doug Learned of Piper Race Cars/Fast Forward, and Ron Chisholm of Cypress Lane Racing.
  • Raced full seasons in 2017 and 2018. Ran a handful of races in 2020.
  •  Two owner car.

Features and upgrades/include:

  • PFC ZR-55 alloy calipers with the “11” compound PFC pads, plus all new rotors at same time. Fantastic improvement over original LD19s, which were good to start with.
  • Penske 8760 triple-adj shocks, with work done by Bruce Ritchey’s Performance Shock at Sonoma Raceway
  • Genuine Hewland 13:36 ring and pinion
  • New bets installed 2020

Price includes:

  • Two sets of the new-generation, one-piece Piper/Fast Forward forged alloy wheels (one silver one black)
  • Enough rubber to get your through your first weekend and more
  • One set of narrow Trailer Wheels
  • Aim MXL dash/data system with integrated SmartyCam and all the sensors you could want: GPS receiver, separate F&R brake pots and steering pot and 4 separate shock traveler pots
  • Hard-wired AMB transponder
  • Cold Air box
  • Upgraded radiator and cooling
  • Spintric air/oil separator
  • Bodywork is all original Piper Fast/Forward, fits beautifully, still nice and light.
  • 3rd spring kit is included for front suspension, is currently installed
  • Upgraded to F&R cockpit-adjustable anti-roll bars (original was front only).
  • Upgraded gear shift lever/clevis package installed
  • Hy-Tech ss 2-piece exhaust header, with slip-on, lightweight Coast Fab muffler.
  • Detachable lower (rear) bellypan/undertray, also new after Buttonwillow.
  • Car was built with aluminum floor pan, makes min weight with 1 gal of fuel and 200# driver. Can add ballast for smaller drivers

Also Available:

  • Willing to share all setup info, gear selections, possibly even on-track data
  • Third set of one-piece Piper/Fast Forward forged alloy wheels, black
  • Extra gear sets to cover west coast tracks and Indy
  • Spare Piper/Fast Forward Nose with minor repairs completed
  • Various spring sets and misc piper hardware… maybe even a spare suspension piece or two

Car located in Northern California.

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