Brabham BT21A Formula B

Great car for Historic FB Continental Series



The Brabham’s earliest racing history is yet unknown. As is typical with many of these 1960’s formula cars, the chassis tag went missing a long time ago. The car does come with two log books. The earliest one begins at 8/4/1979. The photos of the car show it in a light metallic blue with a yellow stripe. 

It appears that the second to last owner, John Obialero of Colorado, took over the car sometime after 1996. John wrote a letter to Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing (“RMVR”) in August, 2005, to request approval for the car to run with them. The car was approved. The second log book, from RMVR, shows annual tech entries from  2013 to 2016. Thereafter he sold the Brabham to its current owner in 2021. 

The current owner raced the Brabham at the 2021 Brian Redman International Challenge (the “BRIC”) at Road America. That is currently the car’s most recent race.


Upon purchasing the Brabham in 2021, the pedals were reset forward to accommodate the new owner’s taller body. Girling master cylinders were installed at the same time. New Willans belts (good to 2025) were installed along with a new battery. A new bead seat was formed and installed. The original Brabham seat will come with the car. A new Stack Tach was installed to replace the original Smiths tach for reliability. The Smiths tach comes with the car. 

After racing at the BRIC in the Summer of 2021, the 1600cc engine was rebuilt by Manitowoc Motor Machine and reinstalled with a new ignition system, including a new Pertronix ignitor. The Weber carbureted Lotus Twin Cam’s power is transmitted through the reliable, easy-to-shift, Hewland FT200 four speed gearbox with reverse (can be converted to five speed). The car is equipped with Koni shocks and Hypercoil springs at all four corners. 

Also in 2022, two new ATL fuel cells were made and installed. The ATL certification will come with the car. A rain light was installed along with a plug for a jump start pack. A neutral, balanced, suspension set up was performed on the car to ready it again for the track. 

The Brabham is fully operational. The owner recommends fitting and a test day just to ensure a successful first race weekend for the new owner.


More photos and videos to come.