Cooper T39 Bobtail. Chassis CS11/6/56

Climax 1100, with ERSA gearbox. Hewland gearbox available.



The Cooper Car Club has investigated the history of this car, chassis CS11/6/56. They have found it to be an original Cooper T39 Bobtail that was the subject of a major restoration which included remanufacturing the chassis and some parts. They also concluded that the history of the car is known and continuous from 1968 through to the present. The Bobtail still retains its original chassis tag. A copy of the Cooper Car Club letter regarding the car’s history is available upon request.


The Cooper is powered by an 1100 c.c. Coventry Climax engine with it’s period correct ERSA four speed gearbox. Several gears in the gearbox suffered broken teeth in the car’s last race at the 2017 Monterey Reunion. Photos of the damaged gears are below.

At the time the then owner prepared a replacement VW/Hewland-style 4 speed gearbox for the car, a conversion that has been used in other Bobtails. The new owner will have the option of repairing and using the ERSA gearbox, or installing the VW/Hewland gearbox. See photos below.

Extras with the car include a set of used SU carburetors with linkage, a Climax block and head, cam shaftt, cylinder sleeves, connecting rods, and other various engine internals of unknown condition. Additional chassis leaf springs are also included, along with other boxes of miscelleanous parts. Everything that is T39 in the storage shed will go with the car.

Aside from the broken gears, and the fact that the Bobtail has been stored for the past several years, the car is in amazing condition. The paint and all alloy bodywork are excellent. The chassis appears to be in excellent condition along with all features in the cockpit. Of course the hydraulics will need going through and the fluids flushed simply from sitting. The seatbelts will also need to be updated.

These Cooper T39 Bobtails were leaders in the rear engine sports car revolution. They were raced by up-and-coming racing stars such as Stirling Moss, Jack  Brabham, Graham Hill, and Bruce McLaren to name a few.  The T39 won it class at the Sebring 12 Hours. Jack Brabham and Ian Raby finished 3rd in class at Le Mans in 1957.

The T39 Bobtail today is a bargain entry to some of the greatest historic racing events in the world, including the Goodwood Revival, Le Mans Classic, and Rolex Monterery Reunion.

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