1960 Lola Mk1

1460 Climax. Mexico History. Over $200,000 in receipts.



This Lola MK1 may be the missing Lola MK1 BR 1659 that was sent to race in Argentina. It was discovered in 1993, near Mexico City by well known vintage racer, and Virginia International Raceway owner/redeveloper, Harvey Siegel. Siegel’s discovery of the Lola was documented at the time in the August, 1993 issues of “Popular Classics.” See photos below. An original copy of the magazine will accompany the car. Siegel additional photos will also accompany the car.

Lola Mk1 historian, and author of Lola’s First: the Definitive History of the Mark 1, David Pratley  referred to Siegel’s car as “L3.” In his 1999 book Pratley stated that “A partially disassembled car was allegedly discovered in a barn on the outskirts of Mexico City in 1993. Bought by Harvey Siegel (New York, USA).” 

No identification tag was found on the chassis when it was discovered. After considerable research was done, chassis number BR 1659 was assigned to the car as that number could have been correct for this chassis and it was not associated with any other known Lola Mk1. Regardless, as mentioned above, David Pratley subsequently referred to this car six years later in 1999, in Lola’s First as L3.

Since then the car was restored from the ground up. It has been a regular entrant with groups such as SVRA, RMMR, HMSA. The Lola has raced at important events including the Monterey Reunion and at COTA. The car’s last race was the 2018 Monterey Reunion. You can see some photos of the Lola in action on the track at Flickr, and TamsOldRacecarSite.


The Lola is equipped with a 1460 FWA Climax engine with approximately 15 hours on an Ivey Engines rebuild. The Climax power runs through a Taylor dog box. The Lola is currently fitted with Girling alloy disc brakes. However, the Lola’s original drum rear brakes will be included with the car.  

Up through early 2023, the Lola was maintained by Lola Mk1 experts Vintage Racing Motors in Redmond, Washington. The Lola was maintained to a very high standard. Receipts totalling over $200,000 will come with the car.

The Lola also comes with extra Cooper Monaco  wheels. The car continues to be maintained in fully operational condition.

This Lola Mk1 is bargain priced. This is due to its, as yet, not fully vetted history and the current owner moving onto other things. So you can own and race this highly prepared, highly desirable front engined sports racer for less than half the cost of a Lola Mk1 that has already been fully vetted. A great car, and a great bargain. Win-win.  

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