Lola T70 Mk.3B

Estate Sale.



The recently deceased owner of the car understood that this car was one of the additional batch of Lola T70’s built by the Lola factory between 1985-86. That could be the case. However, after having had the opportunity to review the documentation on the car since his passing, it is less than clear to us as to the origins of this car and its identity. This is despite the car  having a chassis tag with considerable patina.

Due to the current lack of clarity, the car is being represented here as a replica. It is valued as such, and sold as such. It will be up to the new owner to research and make any further claims of authenticity if they choose to. 

What we do know is that according to the last owner, and notes in the file, at some point this Lola chassis, less bodywork, was owned by George Rivera of California. The car and related parts were then sold by Rivera to Matrix Motors of Los Angeles, California. A body was then added along with other parts to the chassis.

In December, 1997, the Lola was sold by Matrix to Bernard Bogerts of Belgium along with several other cars. However, the Lola got held up in Customs due to a suspected understatement of the car’s value.  The Lola factory was also contacted due to concerns of possible trademark infringement. Lola sent a letter dismissing concerns about any trademark infringement. That Lola letter is in the file.  They did not state whether the car was a Lola factory built car or not. Matrix got the car back from Customs after paying a fine. 

Thereafter the car was stored for approximately 15 years before a restoration was commenced in 2010. A new gearbox was also installed. The rolling car was then sold to the current owner around 2013. 


The owner represented that he installed a small block 461 cubic inch Chevy that produces over 700 h.p. at the crank. The power is driven through a Hewland type LG 600 aluminum reproduction 5-speed HB Retro – Tecno gearbox. This is a gearbox that is currently used by other Lola T70’s. He said he tested the car on three different occasions, most likely at Willow Springs Raceway in Southern California. It does not appear that the car has been driven in the past couple of years, however we have been told that the engine is started several times per year.

An additional rebuilt 305 cubic inch engine with aluminum heads is available and could be used for FIA Group 6 racing. It could also be installed in a Formula 5000 car.

The car still needs finishing, including a full complement of gauges, safety equipment updates, and a thorough going through. 

The car will be sold. We encourage you to contact us and/or make an offer. Someone is going to get the car.

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