1964 Lotus Super 7 S2

Rare factory Cosworth 1500 car. Race wins since 1964 + Street equipment

Price drop. Now just $35,000. Excellent value. Sale Pending.


This is a factory built Cosworth 1500 c.c. powered Lotus Super 7. It is the ex-SCCA National Champion Sam Feinstein/Feinstein Racing’s Lotus Super 7. RacingSportsCars.com. Sam raced the Lotus in SCCA road racing in 1964 and 1965, including a race win at Marlborough Raceway. 

The Lotus was then sold to Jim Burton, of Langhorne, Pennsylvania. Jim Mueller then bought the car from Burton in a disassembled condition. Mueller restored the Lotus to street configuration. He then sold the car to its current owner, Marc Nichols, in the mid-1980’s. Marc has had the Lotus ever since. He also returned the Lotus back into a racing car, and  returned the car to the track for historic racing. 

The Lotus was campaigned in the U.S. Midwest throughout the 1990’s. Thereafter the Lotus traveled to the U.S. West Coast where it became a perennial front runner with multiple race wins, and many podium finishes, including the Monterey Reunion.

The Lotus last raced at Portland International Raceway in September, 2022, where it won. The Lotus was then refreshed for the 2023 season. However, subsequent health issues kept Marc out of the cockpit in 2023. He has now decided to retire from the sport thereby making the Lotus available for the first time in over 25 years.


The Lotus was prepared to 1967 SCCA GCR specs required at the time by CSRG for certification. The Lotus has also been accepted into the SVRA Gold Medallion program, and carries a Gold Medallion logbook. The car typically runs in C-Production, and is accepted basically everywhere.

The fully balanced Cosworth engine is fresh. It has an all steel bottom end including a cross drilled EN40B crank. The engine has Carrillo rods, new CP pistons and rings, and new bearings. The Cosworth’s power is transmitted through its alloy flywheel with a roller pilot bearing to a Tilton OT 2 clutch with a new disc.  

The oil pump is a dry sump pump converted to a single rotor producing 80 PSI warm. The oil is scavenged through a specially designed Dave Vegher wet sump oil system. 

The flowed head, lifters, and cam are also highly developed, and the valve train components magnafluxed. Timing is handled by a Vernier duplex timing chain. Fuel is supplied by twin 40 DCOE Webers. 

The Lotus runs a Ford Cortina-based close ratio four speed gearbox – as originally fitted to the car.

The car has new front discs, and SP 12 calipers rebuilt with stainless steel pistons.

The rear end is based on the T-10 originally fitted to the Lotus with strengthened components and limited slip. The rear brakes are as-original and prepared to race specification.   

Suspension components were fabricated by Prince Race Car Engineering, who also built the roll bar and fabricated the alloy panels.

The instruments are refurbished original or new replacements. The car is fitted with an alloy bucket seat with custom upholstery. 

To be genuinely race ready, the car needs updated belts, fresh tires, the new brake pads bedded, and the new piston rings run in and then the oil changed to full synthetic. 

The Lotus comes with its original street equipment, including but not limited to side curtains, top frame, windshield, and transmission.  See the photos below. Also included are extra rear fenders, special tools, an assortment of manuals, and miscellaneous other bits.

Important spares include among other things, a Quaife gearbox in good condition, a T10 housing, extra intake manifolds, a complete set of four Panasport wheels, and more.

In addition, a beautiful 2018, Cargomate Redline all aluminum enclosed double axle trailer is also available at additional cost. You can buy the car, the spares, and the trailer as a pre-loaded package and tow it all home right now.  

If you need to ship the car domestically, or worldwide, we can also assist with getting you a quote. Just let us know your address, or nearest port.

The Lotus 7 is about as near as you can get to a formula car with fenders. These cars have been the famous “Giant Killers” since they were born, humbling many of the big bore cars. They are also easy, and a joy to drive in the 1960’s production car classes.

Compare this car, an authentic, rare 1500 Cosworth Lotus Super 7 with race winning history from 1964 to present, including street equipment, to a 1997 Caterham kit car on BringATrailer that sold February 29, 2024 for $34,000 with a branded “rebuilt” title. The Lotus here comes with a genuine, non-branded, title.

If you like racing production cars, but also like the nimble handling of a light formula car with a potent engine, or if you want a rare, genuine, Lotus Super 7 with winning racing provenance that you can drive on the street, we think this Cosworth powered S2 Lotus Super 7 checks the boxes.

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