McLaren M8FP

John and Graham Collins M8FP Reconstruction



The following information was related to us by the most recent owner before he passed away, as well as from Graham Collins, one of the builders of the car.

This car was assembled from McLaren Can Am car pieces acquired over a period of years by period McLaren Commander Motorhomes team member John Collins and his son Graham Collins. Some of the parts were acquired from Commander Homes team manager Charlie Agapiou, and others from other sources. Exactly what parts came from where is unclear.

Seeing as we do not know where all the parts came from, and which parts may have been made from new, the car is being represented as a car that was built by the Collins’ and nothing more. Yes, there is documentation in the file asserting that the car might contain a part, or parts from another Commander car, or cars, and even a Trojan Certificate of Authenticity. However, based upon subsequent research, and recent conversations with Graham Collins, we think the best, most fair, way to represent the car at this point is simply as an McLaren M8FP replica built by the Collins’ using parts that they acquired over a period of years. 

After John Collins passed away, Graham Collins sold the completed car in 2011 Lilo Zicron. Zicron retained Ed Swart to race the car in several vintage racing events in 2012 and 2013, including Sonoma Raceway, Road America, and Mont Tremblant.

The car was then sold in 2014 to Sal Trevino. In 2016 Trevino shipped the car to Australia to race at Phillip Island, There the car was driven by a professional English driver. He spun the car while contesting for the lead, damaging the right rear corner. The car was returned to America and the right rear suspension and rear fiberglass were repaired. The rear wing was also replaced.

While these repairs were taking place the engine was sent to AEP (NASCAR engine builders in Augusta, GA). The engine was refreshed and has zero race time since then in early 2020.

The most recent owner purchased the car in 2020. He has since passed away. The car is now being sold as part of his estate along with three other cars, four motorcycles, the remains of a Lola T332 Formula 5000 car, and other items such as welders, torches, drill presses, and other machining tools. Everything is located in Southern California. 


Zero time 8.1 liter iron block Stump Davis Chevy with Winters aluminum heads. Lucas McKay injection. Hewland LG 600 gearbox.

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