Porsche 962 Replica

Le Mans looks and 175+ mph performance for the price of a 911


This Porsche 962 replica is based on a 1990 Porsche 962. All dimensions are as per the original. The body molds were taken from an original 962. The chassis has replica uprights and suspension components, along with Penske remote reservoir shocks and Brembo brakes. 

The engine is a Porsche 993 TT 3.6 liter with modified K24 turbos. It has been upgraded to Evo specs with JE pistons, Pauter rods, Evo cams, and solid lifters. Ignition is by Autronic SM4 ECU. 

The gearbox is an inverted 5 speed G50 with an LSD and oil pump. The wheels are BBS center lock, 17” front, and 18” rear. 

The engine produces near 600 horsepower with chassis dyno results showing 545 h.p. at the wheels.  The car weighs in at 900 kg. Reported top speed on the track is in excess of 280 kph (approximately 175 mph). 

The 962 comes with a Motorsport Australia Logbook. A trailer is also included.

The 962 won first place in the race car class in the NSW Porsche Club Concours in 2014 and second place in the class at the 2023 event.

The 962 is located in Sydney, Australia. We can help with shipping. Just let us know your nearest port and we can get you a quote. 

This Porsche 962 replica would be a great car to take to your next PCA event or track day. Imagine the attention it will get in the paddock, and that’s before you even get it up to speed on the track.

Compare this running, driving, Porsche-powered, 962 with the recent sale of a 917 replica. That car had no engine, no gearbox, and none of the other other parts that will have to be purchased and fabricated, plus the labor required to make it all work. This 962 Porsche replica has all of that. In addition it has been track proven as seen in the videos. It is also offered at nearly $40,000 less than the incomplete 917 replica.

Other replica racing cars, such as C and D-type Jaguars, often sell for several hundred thousand dollars. 

With this 962 replica you get Le Mans-winning looks in a concours-winning Porsche-powered racing car for the price of a 911 street car. 



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