1985 Ralt RT5 Formula Super Vee

Another Great RT5 Opportunity



Update: With the new price drop to $39,000 we are now close to Formula Ford purchase and maintenance money for a Super Vee with Formula Atlantic performance. For those who lamented missing our other Super Vees, you just got another chance. 

Previous owners: Former Ron Dykes
pro car; Steve Zlotkin (Pacific Northwest); and John Anderson Racing (Sonoma Raceway).

The Ralt’s early history is unknown at present.  We are currently attempting to track it down with Marc Bahner, who retubbed the car. The Ralt does have a Bahner chassis tag on it. Its number is: 5-016-89.


As mentioned above, the RT5 has been retubbed by well know monocoque specialist, Marc Bahner. The car has also been upgraded with 1986 side pods, the narrow nose, and upgraded  suspension uprights.

The previous owner represented that the engine was fresh when he sold it. Since then the car has a few test sessions in 2019-2020, a single race in 2021, and three races in 2022.

Following is a list of some of the more significant recent work and upgrades that have been done to the car. The work has been performed by John Anderson Racing and Shippert Racing Services.

New fuel cell

New battery

New fire system

New clutch assembly

New safety belts/harness. Good through 2025

New brake rotors

New shocks

New water and oil temperature gauges

New water pump

New fuel pump

New Quicksilver electronic fuel injection system and fuel injectors

New oil lines

New fuel lines

New headers/tail pipe/muffler

New front wing wing

New paint

Spares include:

• New Jongbloed Series 214 race wheels, 8”x13” (front) and 10”x13” (rear)
• Avon tires, 8.2” x 20” x 13” (front) and 10.0” x 22.0” x 13” (rear) (fresh tires)
• Spare throwout bearing
• Fox adjustable shocks with remote reservoir
• Various corner suspension parts
• A few Mark 5 gear sets

We have sold a number of RT5 Super Vees in the past few years. There’s a good reason. They are an amazing performance per dollar value in historic formula car racing. For getting near half the cost of a competitive front line Historic Formula Atlantic, you can race just as fast in an RT5 Super Vee. The operating costs are substantially less too.

You can race these RT5’s with CSRG, VARA, SVRA, CVAR, Masters Formula Atlantic Plus, and many other series in the U.S. and abroad. We are also happy to get you shipping quotes both domestically and worldwide.

So if you have been racing in Formula Ford and want to move up, Super Vee is the place to be. More power, more grip, and operating costs more similar to Formula Ford racing than Formula Atlantic. Go like Formula Atlantic, spend like Formula Ford. Win-win.

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