1986 Tiga Ferrari. IMSA Camel GTP Lights Car

2nd at Daytona 24 Hour. 2nd at Sebring 12 Hour.



Former F1 drivers Tim Schenken and Howden Ganley founded Tiga (pronounced “Tie Ga” – as in Tiger) in the 1970’s. They designed and constructed racing cars for various categories including sports prototypes. These prototypes qualified for the C2 category in the World Sportscar Championship, including races such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans, as well as in IMSA Camel Lights races in the U.S., including the 24 Hours of Daytona, and the Sebring 12 Hours. The Tigas also competed in European InterSeries races. Today they can compete in the Classic versions of all of these events. 

The Tigas were equipped to handle multiple different engines including Mazda rotary engines,  Buick V6 engines, and in the case of this car, GT286 S/N 341, a 3.0 liter Ferrari V8 engine. 

This Tiga Ferrari ran twenty four total races in period, including three Daytona 24 Hour, and four Sebring 12 Hour races from 1987-90. 

The Tiga began its U.S. racing career with only one race for the 1987 season, the 24 Hours of Daytona. The drivers were David Loring, Roger Andre, and Willy Lewis. Unfortunately they exited the race early with engine problems, finishing 12th in Camel Lights. 

For the 1988 season, the Tiga Ferrari would be managed and run by Boston area Ferrari dealer and longtime racer Gaston Andrey, and his Gaston Andrey Racing Team. The team began the season at the 3 Hour Grand Prix of Miami with drivers Uli Bieri and Guido Dacco. The Ferrari powered car was running well until an accident took them out of contention. However, three weeks later they would come back strong at Sebring.

At the 1988 Sebring 12 Hour, Uli Bieri teamed with Angelo Pallavicini in the Andrey Racing Tiga Ferrari to finish an incredible 2nd place in Camel Lights!

Bieri would be back in the Tiga for the 3 Hours of West Palm Beach race, again with Guido Dacco. There they would come 4th. At the Nissan Camel Grand Prix at Mid-Ohio the car struggled to a 9th place finish. The Tiga was back on form at Watkins Glen for the Camel Continental 500 km with Bieri and Paulo Guatamaccchi finishing 4th. Thereafter the car suffered a couple of DNF’s, and that was the end of the 1988 season for the team.

For the 1989 edition of the 24 Hours of Daytona, the Tiga Ferrari was now entered under Bieri Racing. The drivers were Martino Finotto, Paolo Guatamacchi, and team owner Uli Bieri. The Ferrari powered car went the distance and claimed another spectacular 2nd place finish in one of the world’s most demanding endurance races.

At the 3 Hour Nissan Grand Prix of Miami, Bieri and Finotto could only achieve 7th place. Suspension failure would cut short their efforts at the Sebring 12 Hours after 193 laps relegating them to 8th place. They again finished 7th at the Nissan 500 km of Road America, but bounced back with an excellent 4th at West Palm Beach. At Lime Rock, Bieri and co-driver Niki Leutwiler struggled to finish 8th on the tight Connecticut track. However, the team would be back on form at Watkins Glen with the Tiga Ferrari, now sponsored by Swatch Watches, and they scored another 4th place finish. 

In July, 1989, Bieri and David Tennyson would team up for the Miller High Life 500 at Road America. There they finished 6th. That would be the Tiga’s last race for the 1989 season.

The 1990 racing season was a short one for the Tiga Ferrari. It began again with Daytona. This time the car only made 53 circuits of the course before suffering a DNF. They were just the third car out of the race, behind the Porsche 962 of Rob Dyson, and the 962 of Bill Adam. At the Nissan Grand Prix of Miami the team could only muster 9th place. At Sebring the Tiga Ferrari ran strong enough to lap 195 to be scored  6th, but they were not running at the end. This would be the last race for the Tiga for the 1990 season, and its last race in period. 

In 2001, the Tiga Ferrari began its historic racing career. From 2001 through 2006, the car has run approximately a dozen times. These include test sessions, Ferrari Club days, and a few HSR vintage races at Watkins Glen and Road Atlanta. Records show that since 2005 the Ferrari engine has approximately 6.25 hours on its MWE rebuild. The car was mechanically refreshed between 2020-2023. More details are provided in the Description section below.

Some of the Tiga Ferrari’s Period Racing Drivers

David Loring

Uli Bieri

Martino Finotto

Carlo Facetti

Guido Dacco

Angelo Pallavicini

Gaston “Gus” Andrey

Roger Andrey

Ruggero Melgrati


Tiga/Ferrari GT286, chassis number 341.

Specs & Parts ID


Ferrari F105A

82-85 308 GTB (2 valve)

Oil pressure- cranking: 35 psi

Oil filter FRAM ph2804-1.

Oil lines: -16AN Aeroquip

Water-pump bearings: SKF 6302 2RS JEM

timing belt tensioner-bearing (aluminum) 63000-2RS1

Timing belt tensioner bearings – Double wide. 63005 bearing

Gearbox & Drive-line

FT200 Hewland


Layshaft 13/35M.

2nd 17/30M

3rd 19/28M

4th 21/27M

5th 24/29

Trans cooler 3-7/8 wide 11-1/4 long 11 rows with 6AN Male outlets.

Clutch: Tilton (twin disc 7.25”)

Pilot Tool: 14503 Dorman

Discs: 1″ x 23 spline -pilot

Tilton HRB 60-0220

Oberg filter o-ring 600 heavy duty

Front and Rear Axles

Rear wheel bearings -Timken 18790

CV boots: GKN CV/Tripod Fast Boots – 100mm OD – Standard -Raceparts-MS6K024

Front upright wheel bearings: Timken 18790

Fuel System

Fuel pressure: 55 psi

In-tank fuel pumps (lift): dual- Walbro 5CA400-1 50psi, 27 gph (6442643

ATL Fuel bladder- filter: CAV 7111-296


Spark Plugs: champion C57

MSD: Coil Blaster 2 -5 ohms

Firing Order: 15374826

Distributor: bearings 26mm x 8mm (width) x 10mm (shaft)

Alternator -Mitsubishi

Ultra-Flexible Banded V-Belt, Trade Number 260J6, 26-5/16″ O.C


Master cylinder Girling .700 -3 of them

Front caliper rebuild kits AP (4 pistons are 1.5″ and the other 4 are 1.620″)

Rear caliper

4 @ 1.620″ & 4 @1.5″

Brakes: Rotors-custom (Coleman)

-DV32-1300-150 Brake Rotor, D32 , Custom, Solid Mount. 1.100 THK, 12.375 DIA, 6.440 FLG

DIA, 7.665 EYE, .250 DRILL, 12 BOLT, 7.00 B.C., .220 FLG THK, GAS VENT 4 PER SIDE W/VANE

-18844 (Brake Rotor, Option, Gas Vent 4 PER SIDE W/VANE)


Battery box size 4″deep x 9-3/4″W x 6″H

Color code for wires under dash:

Dark green= brake lights

Yellow = parking lights/rain lights

Purple= tach signal

White= both fuel pumps

Light blue = alt field

Light blue= + for panel lights

Pink= transfer pumps inside tanks/ wiper

Orange= + for fuel pumps at fuses to main switch next to

Wiring for headlights at nose

White= grounds

Red= high beam left

Yellow = high beam right

Blue = low beam left

Green = low beam right.


Major Mechanical Repair Synopsis: (2021-present)


Timing belts, tensioners, cam seals, valve cover gaskets; all refreshed with

new genuine Ferrari parts


Brake system refreshed & repaired

Calipers repaired & rebuilt, master cylinders rebuilt, new custom

rotors (Coleman), new brake lines & fittings where required

Castrol SRF brake fluid, brake pressure tested.

Fuel System Repairs

New ATL custom bladder installed (copy of original)

New ATL Walbro lift pumps installed in bladder

Internal surge tank replumbed

New fuel filters

High pressure and reserve pumps tested for performance & replumbed, system pressure tested.

Coolant System Refresh & Repairs

Ferrari water-pump rebuilt with OE parts, new hoses & clamps,

Radiators repaired and flushed

Thermostat & cylinder head distribution necks resealed, etc.

Coolant system pressure tested, flushed & checked for positive flow.

Oil System Refresh

Tank cleaned and pressure tested

Many new braided lines and fittings installed where required (-16AN)

O-Berg filter cleaned and new screen installed & sealed

Engine bottom plate removed and cleaned

Oil cooler ultrasonic cleaned

Ignition System

Distributor repaired

MSD checked

New wires & distributor cap/related parts installed

Electrical System Repairs

Older harness overlay and redundant wiring removed. 

Connections upgraded

New fuse panel installed for Haltech management system, ignition, and fuel pumps

All lighting repaired and tested

Twin master battery kill switches rewired. 

Alternator tested

Relays installed to remove load from switched circuits


Several rear cover and mid-housing studs repaired

Gear set noted 

Some wear on dog rings and corresponding gears. 

Two gear sets have wear on teeth. 

CWP checked with scope and appeared satisfactory 

Rear sections of case resealed

Input shaft seal changed to new

Clutch and flywheel checked

Annular upgraded to modern Tilton w/ new T/O bearing

Rear Suspension

Axles checked

CV’s serviced

New Tripod boots & cups installed using new high temp moly grease

Upright bearings replaced and serviced where required

New bearing spacers fabricated and installed

Control arms cleaned, crack checked (magnaflux spot check) painted and hardware replaced where required

Front Suspension

Wheel spindles checked, serviced, and bearings replaced where required

New intermediate spacers installed

Suspension parts cleaned, crack checked (magnafluxed spot checked) and painted. 

Hardware replaced where required

Composite Work

Repairs to airbox, brake ducts, floor & diffuser


Engine, gearbox, suspension pieces, brake components and all mechanical parts touched during service were thoroughly degreased, parts washed and/ or ultrasonic cleaned

Tub: firewall covered with new thermal barrier

Aluminum panels cleaned and polished

Body professionally polished and detailed

Engine Operational Notes

Engine build by MWE

Engine hours: From 5/30/2005 – present. Est* 6.25 hrs. These were calculated from time sheets from vintage racing events and shop testing runs after refresh. Documentation provided.

Since mechanical refresh (2020-2023) the engine has been run through approximately 6 heat cycles, totaling 1-1.25 hrs of run time

Leak down: all cylinders 10-15% hot

The engine management system (Haltech) and fuel injectors will

require tuning to optimize the engine’s performance.

Future Steps for Track Use

  1. A new fire system needs to be installed
  2. New batteries required
  3. Tires replaced
  4. Set up – should be checked and adjusted as needed or seen fit for driver
  5. Shocks were not checked for performance.
  6. The car will require sorting and thorough monitoring of all systems during testing, to assure everything is performing properly.
  7. The engine management system may require trackside tuning to optimize the engine’s performance. The engine has not been used under load since the mechanical repair work above was completed.


Tiga Ferrari Spare parts List

  • Gear Sets (21)
  • Spare gearbox dog rings (~6)
  • (2) gearbox layshafts
  • Slip on mufflers -set
  • Rear upright Jig
  • Set of springs
  • Steering shaft (rack)
  • (1) nose – good condition (painted, covered headlights)
  • (1) nose -good for repair (gel coat)
  • (1) tailpiece – good, painted
  • Rear wing- low downforce
  • Rear diffuser
  • original seat cushions
  • Vinyl number kit
  • (7) front wheels
  • (5) rear wheels
  • Spare acrylic windshield -new

This is one of the very few “affordable” Ferrari powered racing cars. It also has  successful endurance racing history at the highest levels.

The Tiga Ferrari has been professionlly maintained its entire career, whether it be in-period racing, vintage racing, or with the Ferrari Club.  The current prep shop that is located in the U.S. Northeast can also provide all levels of preparation and trackside support if you are interested.

The Tiga Ferrari is maintained as part of a collection of very fine cars that includes a 288 GTO Ferrari, a Porsche 962, and a Penske PC-17 that sat on the front row at Indy. Good company.

Remember when $5,000,000 was a lot for a GTO Ferrari? Here is a chance at a still affordable Ferrari powered racing car that will be the buzz of any paddock, car show, club event, or track day. If history teaches us anything, it will also be money in the bank.

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