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How It Works:

Continuing Education must be completed by a sole owner, partner, corporate officer,
or managing member on record with the DMV, otherwise the DMV will not accept your certificate.

This DMV Approved Continuing Education License Renewal Course consists
of 9 lessons, each with a quiz of 5 multiple choice questions.
You can not fail.

Should you incorrectly answer a question, the course will redirect you to where you can find the correct answer,
you will have the opportunity to resubmit your quiz and move on to the next section.
You do not have to complete the course in one sitting.
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Shipping Your Certificate:

The course is $49.00, shipping via usps regular mail is included.

Golden State Overnight (overnight shipping, Monday-Friday) is $30.

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*You will need a picture file (jpeg or img) of your current license or ID. You are required to upload this to your registration form to verify your certification for the DMV. Please be sure you have an ID photo on your computer now, before you begin registration.*

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