2020 Sonoma Raceway Charity Challenge

October 4th, 2020

Charity Challenge & Crossflow Cup Awards 10/1 – 10/4, 2020

1970 Titan Mk.6 Formula Ford, 1977 Chevron Formula Atlantic, 1957 Porsche 356A Super

Weekend and Award Ceremony Photo Gallery & Photography by James Kim / apex707photograph / apexpix.com

In attendance: Art, Heather, Gunnar, Lindsey Hebert and Granddad Don Sandy, Art’s cousin Kevin Capone and sons Ben and Colin, team member and family friends Andrew and his daughter Emma Wait!

The Weekend Begins

On Friday morning we tested the Don Sandy red 1957 Porsche 356A Super, and the yellow 1970 Titan Mk.6 Formula Ford. Gunnar, Andrew, and Art tested the Porsche, and Gunnar and Art tested the Titan.


The afternoon session was cancelled by the track because the air quality was so bad at that point. The rest of the weekend was also put on hold until the air quality index dropped below 200 – which it thankfully did by Saturday morning.

1970 Titan Mk.6 Formula Ford


Driving the 1970 Titan Mk.6 Formula Ford, Art placed:

1st place overall Historic Formula Ford division, Crossflow Cup Championship Race

1st place CSRG Charity Challenge Qualifying Race

2nd place (by 3/100’s of a second – half a car length) CSRG Charity Challenge final race

1977 Chevron Formula Atlantic 

Driving the 1977 Chevron Art qualified 3rd for the Qualifying Race.

Andrew Wait qualified on the pole with his 1975 Lola T360 Formula Atlantic! He finished on the podium in 3rd.

Art got a 7th place finish in the Qualifying Race. (Thereafter we parked the car for the weekend with mechanical issues)

Andrew finished 4th in the Sunday morning race.

1957 Porsche 356A Super

Andrew qualified the Porsche 10th in Group 1 in his first time ever driving the car, and Art qualified the Porsche in 11th in Group 2.

Art raced the Porsche in the Qualifying Race, finishing 9th, but lost 4th gear near the end of the race. (Unfortunately we couldn’t fix it at the track, so we retired the car for the rest of the weekend)




Crossflow Cup Awards Ceremony

Master of Ceremonies and Crossflow Cup Founder Andrew Wait presented trophies and awards.

Series MVP  – Ed Van Tassel
Best Ford  – Chris Heil
Most Improved Formula Ford  – Michael Wirrick
Rookie of the year – Oliver Ramleth
John Streets Garagiste Award – Chris Schoap
Crossflow Cup – Jay Streets

Historic Ford Championship

P1 – Danny Baker
P2 – Bob Lesnett
P3 – Martin Lauber

Club Ford Championship

P1 – Jef Rothman
P2 – Russ Werner
P3 – Kelly Heil

Masters Championship

P1 – Bob Lesnett
P2 – Chris Schoap
P3 – Jonathan Kitchen